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3 Things That Are Secretly Leading You to Counterfeit Suspension!

By March 1, 2021No Comments

Hello, dear Amazon sellers!

We are continuing our series on different types of Amazon suspensions, and reasons which may lead to your account’s deactivation. One of the most unpleasant and problematic issues that every seller can face during their operation on Amazon is a counterfeit suspension. You may probably want to protest!

“But I am selling solely genuine products and this story is not about me!”

No, no! Even if you are selling solely authentic items, you are still in Amazon’s suspension zone. Unfortunately, we at Got Suspended Clients face such kind of issues quite a lot when the seller sells solely genuine items, but Amazon suspends his account for selling counterfeit products regardless.

In order to protect our customers from similar issues, the Got Suspended Clients team is going to discuss three reasons which may lead to your account’s suspension for a counterfeit policy violation. For more information, you can refer to Amazon’s policy itself.


Proper Packaging

One of the most important aspects in your Amazon business is your product’s proper packaging. Even if you send a 100% genuine product to your customers, small damages or scratches on the product’s packaging may become a reason for counterfeit issues. That’s because Amazon can blame you in selling counterfeit products. Therefore, before sending any item to your customers, try to ensure that it is packaged in a proper way. As an option, you can choose the wholesale FBA business model, since in this case, Amazon will handle the entire process of your product’s packaging and shipping in the best way. In this case, you can be sure that your customer receives the order without damages or even minor scratches.


Missing Invoices

Keep in mind that one of the first things that Amazon asks you to provide are invoices. That’s because in this case, Amazon makes sure that you are working solely with authentic suppliers. Therefore, before sourcing products from your suppliers, try to ensure that they are able to provide you with all the necessary documentation proving the authenticity of their goods. Once you get valid invoices at your hand, you protect your business from any possible counterfeit issues. Keep in mind that if you have invoices, but they are not meet Amazon’s requirements, you should not make any changes on them, since it may become a reason for Forged/manipulated suspension. You can read this blog where you can find detailed information about this type of suspension.


Wrong Suppliers

Unfortunately, we live in a world where anybody can drown you for their own gain. The same goes with most suppliers who can easily double-cross you in order to sell their fake products as genuine. So, if you list items without even knowing that they are counterfeit, after a while you will find out about your Amazon account’s suspension when it’s too late. Therefore, before listing products on Amazon, we strictly recommend that you check their authenticity. In this case, you can be sure that you are going to cooperate with the right suppliers within your Amazon business.


By implementing all the above-mentioned options, you will protect your Amazon business from any possible counterfeit issues. But, if you have already been hit with an Amazon suspension, don’t be disappointed! Got Suspended Clients are ready to help you reinstate your Amazon account in a heartbeat! Due to the grace of our professional team, we are able to handle all types of Amazon suspensions, from verification to linked accounts. Give us a call and you will be able to continue selling on Amazon within a few days. We suggest that you visit our website, since there is a lot of useful information concerning our services, along with tons of informative blogs about how to run a safe business on Amazon.