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The first day of autumn 2020 is going to be vital for every Amazon seller in the United States, since from the first of September, Amazon will start posting sellers’ personal information on its website. Crazy, right? And this is going to be a big problem for sellers who have any shortcomings in their business. We do not want to scare you; September is still ahead of us, and you still have enough time to fix all the gaps within your business in order to not go down the rabbit hole of Amazon suspensions.

I’m Over Here

All your personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, and email address will be available for the public on your Amazon’s page. Of course, if you are a fair seller who is doing everything by the book, you do not have to worry about anything. But what if not everything is going smooth in your business? For example, let’s say that you have violated a Map agreement, or have some issues with customers who are not satisfied with your product or the customer service provided by your business?  In this case, you might face serious issues. So, if you have mentioned addresses during the registration, it is better to ensure that your business is operating in an optimized fashion.

It’s Not As Bad As It Sounds!

All the above-mentioned information reminds one of a scenario from a horror movie; but you should not understate this issue and turn a blind eye. When your information is available to the public (like it has already been in Amazon Europe and Japan), you will be under the gun of the brands who can easily file baseless complaints against you. And you will have to face tons of Intellectual Property Complaints within your business. Of course, tackling all of this alone will be an insanely annoying headache, which is why we at Got Suspended Clients are announcing our willingness to stand by your side as you fight to get your account back!

Can I Prevent This in Any Way?


First of all, do not panic and try to concentrate in detecting all the shortcomings within your business. From now on, you have to run a completely transparent and fair business in order do not raise interest by posting your personal information in the first place. Try to ensure that everything is going well in your performance metrics. You have to build trustful relationships with both your customers and suppliers. It will help you reduce the risk of getting Intellectual Property complaints during your operation and protect you from displeased customers. Also, do not try to change personal information on your Amazon account without firing off a friendly warning. This would be a perfect storm for a verification suspension.


Try to implement all the above-mentioned tips and reduce all the potential risks you might face. However, if you come across any safety issues concerning your business, contact us, and our Got Suspended? professional legal team will handle all problems by providing both you and your business with legal protection.