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We are a team who is in search of the truth: of the truth, that Amazon sellers need to continue their business on the platform that keeps suspending them. For this, we decided to dive deep into the world of sellers, understand their problems, and show you what you can do to fight against these issues. We won’t lie: sometimes the promised mechanisms don’t work, and that’s exactly why sellers get disappointed so easily! Amazon is a mesmerizing place for customers, but not for sellers…

Today, we will talk about returns and how Amazon sellers find their hands tied when it comes to returning products and offering refunds. Keep in mind that some sellers still do not completely understand how Amazon suspensions work on the platform.

Ideally, customers would adore the products that they ordered, and the sellers would always receive positive feedback. However, our life is not as easy as it seems, we all get dinged every once in a while! So, if you, as an Amazon seller, face a return, you have to do the following:

  • Provide a return address within the United States
  • Provide a prepaid return label
  • Offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned.

Let us remind you that if you don’t offer one of these methods, Amazon customer will most likely file an A-to-Z Guarantee claim to seek “help” with their return.

Now Let’s Get Back to Our Story!

The main character of this story is a small family business which has suffered a lot because of the recent pandemic-related events. For these businesses, even the most trifling mistake can aggravate the situation! During their normal business operations, a customer decided to return the product, but guess what? The product was never returned!

Well, it’s not that easy to guess what happened after. The customer started complaining, writing day and night to the seller, demanding a refund and all that jazz! The owner of this store, “provided guidance on how to resolve the issue,” but as the owner says in Amazon Seller Central “this person keeps changing the story and does not have proof of tracking or delivery to us for the return claimed to have been made.”

This is the part when seller’s hands were tied…

Customers Threatening? Not Cool!

It turns out that the customer was “threatening to post negative reviews anywhere possible” about their company. What could a seller do? As Amazon sellers, you do understand that if the product wasn’t actually returned, you just can’t refund the customer. But here’s the dilemma: if you ignore the seller, they will leave a negative feedback and get you suspended with ODR, and if you refund a customer without having the product returned, you’ll lose both money and the product! What a pickle!

As you can already understand, “this is definitely fraud and theft,” as the seller eloquently put it.

This Amazon store later reported the messages as deceit and fraud by the Buyer, but didn’t succeed. However, we at Got Suspended think that if you try hard, and peeve Amazon accordingly, you will definitely succeed. Sometimes the tables turn, and customers also get suspended! Well, not suspended, but reprimanded!

We do realize that sometimes sellers get suspended because of nothing, literally nothing! And that’s why we created this appeal service. If you need professional help that can get you out of this horrible situation, just know that we’re here. You can always contact us! We’re here to assist both amateur and veteran Amazon sellers deal with Amazon suspension hammers.