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Sometimes Amazon thinks about its sellers, and it happens quite rare, we must say! This time we’re going to talk about Amazon Account Health Services which were created by Amazon specifically for the sellers operating under this platform. It was created for one major purpose – help sellers comply with Amazon’s policies, and of course, avoid Amazon account suspensions. But is it really that good? Did we lie when we said that Amazon cares about its sellers? Let’s find out!

According to the Account Health FAQ, “The Account Health page provides you an overview of your seller account’s adherence to the performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon,” and what’s more important, “review the performance of all sellers and notify them when they are off-target.”

But something is still wrong…

This is a relatively new service, which means that there’s still a lot of work to do; but even that doesn’t stop this service from working in a completely optimized manner. That’s why there are certain gaps, which can disturb you more than helping you.

  1. First of all, Amazon reps change all the time, so you don’t have that one loyal Amazon employee who will remember your case the next time you get on a call. You will have to describe your case all over again, and what’s even worse, you may get different suggestions from each rep you talk to. This will lead you to total confusion, and that won’t help with writing your Plan of Actions; believe us, we know!
  2. Even though you’re talking to “Amazon professionals,” they are not as professional as it seems. Most of them won’t be able to help you, because just like you, they will be confused. We’ve seen many cases when Amazon reps don’t know what to say! They just tell you to rewrite your POA, and maybe that will help! But we don’t blame them. Amazon itself is the main culprit behind this double-sided confusion!
  3. As we said, you can get different opinions on how to resolve your case. For example, during an IP suspension, our Amazon appeal service Got Suspended? recommends that you contact the brand and retract the complaint. You can hear the same advice from Amazon representatives; however, during the second, third or fourth call, you might talk to a completely new person who will advise you not to contact the brand. Which option is the best one? That’s why Amazon Account Health Services bring more confusion rather than help.
  4. Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because of which numerous issues start bothering Amazon sellers. Even though Amazon Account Health Services were created to warn sellers, they are still a part of Amazon, a platform which is constantly suspending them! That’s why Amazon employees will often give you generic responses that won’t help you in reinstating your account. They often ask you to be more detailed and specific, but on the other hand, accurate and precise. Easier said than done!

As you can see, Account Health Services won’t always help you reinstate your account. Of course, you may be lucky and get on a call with a golden Amazon employee that will guide you through the process, help you with figuring out the root cause and finally, reinstate your account! If you feel that you got an Amazon employee that you didn’t deserve, contact us at Got Suspended? and we will solve this case for you!