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It is the rule of thumb that for Amazon, customer satisfaction is always in the first place, and even the smallest mistakes can be fateful for your business and lead to an Amazon seller suspension. Try to be more careful when it comes to shipping. So, come aboard this Got Suspended Clients blog, and let’s figure out what you should do to avoid this type of Amazon seller account suspension.

It’s Better to Be an Hour Early Than a Minute Late

First of all, try to prolong shipping dates so that you can insure yourself from delivery delays. Keep in mind that customers don’t like it when the order arrives later than the predetermined date. Try to designate a special employee who will be responsible for specifically shipping issues train them, show them the ropes, and let them help you with this phase of the business. Sometimes Amazon wants to see people innovate. Automation, in its turn, is considered to be innovation since, in most of the cases, the errors are the results of human mistakes. Carefully inspect your entire business and try to figure out what part of your shipping process you can automate. It is a commonly shared view that Amazon prefers that sellers avoid using any software in their operation; however, it is not true. There are several types of shipping software that can really be useful in your business operation. Try to scrutinize all of them and choose the best one. But keep in mind that human touch is also important. Don’t leave everything to automation!

Now, let’s talk about an unpleasant part. If you got suspended due to a shipping violation, you have to come up with a carefully drafted Plan Of Action.

We have already written about how to write a good POA. Do not forget about the structure. The root cause is the first section, immediate measures taken by you after being suspended is the second section, and the last one is your long-term changes section.

The Customer is Always Right!

Keep in mind, once you find out that an Amazon customer is unsatisfied, you have to start taking action immediately. Try to satisfy every customer whether you are guilty or not, because the customer is always right. You should take action for making Amazon’s customers happier since Amazon does not consider buyers to be yours, Amazon considers each buyer to be it’s own. Play by the rules of Amazon. There are many ways to avoid unpleasant situations, such as issuing refunds, offering customers to keep the product for free, or sending something else for free. All these steps can help you avoid Amazon suspension. But be careful, because some of them will backfire if not used correctly. We have a whole blog on this issue.

However, if your seller privileges have been deactivated, feel free to contact us. Got Suspended Clients is your own-stop shop for issues like this one. We can help customers get through the hump by protecting themselves and reinstating their seller accounts immediately. Our team consists of lawyers and educated professionals who quickly analyze your account and recognize the problem behind it.