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Yup, that’s true!

Every step you take can become the reason for your future suspension, and you know what? Sometimes even the most calculated, planned and measures steps can leave your seller account suspended, which is why our Amazon reinstatement service is here! We want to help you forget about the confusion, bewilderment, and headaches Amazon can transfer to you, and in the following blog we will show how.

Knowledge is important, and when you turn it into action, things are working better. Your Amazon seller account may live and operate in peace, and not… rest in peace, if you know what we mean! Now, let’s see what leads to Amazon suspensions, and what you can do to prevent them. ATTENTION: even the most “household” actions are ready to show you the way to suspensions.

Scenario 1

You are an Amazon seller who is in the period of the product-choosing process. Yes, we do understand that you want to sell the most profitable products, and therefore, earn a fortune (maybe fortunes?). But sometimes, our Amazon appeal service notices that selling the most money-making products can cause a competition, which itself can be a reason for suspension.

For example, you’ve found a consulting service, which offers you “the best products” on Amazon, which will be selling like hotcakes. Maybe the products are real hotcakes, but do you understand that almost every seller thinks the same way and goes for the same products? When many sellers list the same products, a fierce and intense competition is born, as a result of which, sellers may fill your listings with negative feedback, report you on Amazon and so on. See, we really meant it when we said all roads lead to suspensions!

Scenario 2

Again, you are a seller on Amazon, but this time, you are not thinking about choosing a product. You have already chosen your model of selling, and now you are a private label seller on Amazon. This means that you are the one to create, modify and develop your Amazon listings, because at the end of the day, you are the one who “owns” these listings.

Yes, you described your product, you included photos with white background, have a title, bullet points and so on. But what if a seller gets you wrong because of the way the product description was written, or maybe because the Amazon customer doesn’t know your language well? So, it means that because your customer hasn’t learnt English in the school, you are doomed for negative feedback, and therefore, Amazon account suspension. Should we say it again that all roads lead to suspension?

Scenario 3

We know that we bored you with all that “you’re a seller on Amazon” stuff, but we should say that again, because you know, you ARE a seller on Amazon. And you are passionate about the products you are going to sell, which is quite good, but not always!

Selling products you are obsessed with can blind you when it comes to pricing or responding to dissatisfied customers. Just imagine, you put a seemingly amazing product on Amazon, and just because you totally love it, you can’t judge and estimate its real value.

So, if you put a really high price, the chances of “selling like hotcakes” scenario are very low. And what is more important, customers who find your product too expensive, can leave negative feedback, appall other customers and lead you to account suspension.

Moreover, if a customer purchased your product and didn’t like anything about it, your brain will automatically turn off, and you will respond them with your heart: passionate, emotional and nervous. Once you are impolite with your customer, oops, sorry! Just know that an Amazon account suspension is guaranteed.

That’s it for today, people! Our Amazon appeal and reinstatement service will always be there for you to educate you, and of course, reinstate your suspended accounts. Got Suspended is here to help and educate, so feel free to contact us and find your individual solution, and remember, all roads lead to suspension, so be careful!