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Let’s be honest: as customers, we all love Amazon! But what if you’re also a seller who faces Amazon’s anger and gets suspended even after the smallest mistakes? Once you become a seller on Amazon, this platform doesn’t seem so bright and optimistic, and we know the struggle!  So, if you have ever been betrayed by the one who once welcomed you, our Amazon appeal service, Got Suspended? is ready to help!

In one of our previous blogs, we talked about Amazon’s Account Health Service at its most grim, and sorry, we’re not sorry! Many of our clients have experienced the disservice of Amazon’s “brainchild,” that’s why we spare no effort in showing its disadvantages and how it can complicate matters even more!


We at Got Suspended Clients think that you, as an Amazon seller, should see both sides of the coin. Which is why we’ll talk about Account Health Service and how it can help you. If you get the chance to talk with a trained and professional Amazon employee (which is quite rare), you’ll be able to reinstate your account at one point or another.

We want to be honest with you, the idea of this service is quite noble and impressive, which is why sometimes, once in a blue moon, you can enjoy its advantages and bring your account back.

You see, the Account Health employees are not at fault here. Amazon changes rules and regulations every day, and they are often as confused as suspended sellers are about what is happening. So, don’t take it out on them if they can’t help you…unless they don’t want to!

How Can Account Health Service Help You?

Let us explain what Account Health Service (AHS) can do to help you as a seller who is afraid of warnings, or who recently got suspended.

We Need Information

Amazon sellers usually feel powerless, thanks to lack of information! Yes, they usually don’t understand what is going on in Amazon’s head, and sadly, that’s completely normal here. That’s why one of the main functions of this service entails giving some basic info to the seller.

If you have received only a warning, Amazon professionals will give you some tips in order to understand why you got the warning, and why you may get suspended. For example, if you got a warning that notifies you about an approaching inauthentic suspension, an AHS employee will give you some hints by providing the ASINs that led to the email you received. If the warning is related to your Order Defect Rate (ODR), they will probably tell you which complaints and negative reviews caused this situation, or which order changed your late shipment rate, and so much more.

How is My POA?

Yes, you’re not mistaken, they can go through your appeal and tell you what they think about your Plan of Actions and the appeal in general. Honestly, our experience has shown that they don’t give relevant information, because they are often not aware of Seller Performance Team’s functions; they only have some basic knowledge. In other words, it’s like asking another seller for help. You just get an unprofessional and amateur opinion, and that’s it!

Normally, they just tell you to rewrite your POA. So, if you get similar advice, check it with a professional Amazon appeal service like Got Suspended Clients; otherwise, you can lose a well-written appeal for nothing!

Where’s My Appeal?

Account Health Service employees may tell you the status your appeal has. Their service is connected to Seller Performance, which means they have access to the notes that are left on your appeal. And yes, Seller Performance Team has some notes on every appeal which indicate why this or that appeal was rejected. But let us upset you; very often, they don’t write notes, which makes it harder for AHS employees to understand what’s wrong with your appeal and when you’ll get any response.

We know Amazon Account Health Service is full of twists and turns, which is why we kindly offer you our consultation before the actual process of bringing back your account. With our help, you’ll understand all the ins and outs of Amazon and Amazon appeals, how they work and what you should include in them. Just give us a call and you’ll get your account reinstated effectively with our team of professionals and our talented writers!