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Imagine a situation where your account was suspended by Amazon, but after endless negotiations, they still refused to reinstate your seller privileges. The first thing that comes to your mind is: “I will sue this company.” First of all, do not panic and try to concentrate on your goal, which is to get your Amazon account reinstatement. Amazon suspension reinstatement is not always easy, but thanks to our team at Got Suspended, it’s not impossible.

Before taking radical steps in trying to reinstate an Amazon suspended account, try to figure out what you have done before: submitting lots of POAs, addressing to Policy Teams, also sending letters to Jeff Bezos’s Escalation Team, reaching out to Amazon’s legal department. If there are still no results, then with a good conscience, go to court.  However, It’s not that simple. Before starting your arbitration, try to consider all the pros and cons.  If your monetary loss is not a solid sum of money, then it is better to avoid arbitration. You should be ready for putting in extra effort in order to succeed in this difficult and time-intensive process.

Amazon sellers are subject to hacking and lost inventory. One option to resolve these issues is to first contact the Amazon legal team as they often manage to restore hacked accounts. Additionally, if Amazon loses a seller’s inventory, it may be best to conduct communications with the legal team before going forward with arbitration.

When contacting the Amazon legal team, you should represent a timeline of occurred events.  Try to gather all the dates from the date of your suspension to the dates of submitting POAs. Also, it is important to mention that you have reached out to Bezos’ team.  It would be better to hire a professional lawyer who will guide you in this process.

We at the “Got Suspended” team are able to successfully reinstate your Amazon account, which is stuck in the merciless cycle of the POAs. First of all, you need to write a comprehensive POA.  Due to short deadlines, plans of actions being written in a rush, and many sellers have to send endless Plan of Actions. As a result, they need to ask for help from an experienced attorney for negotiating with Amazon.  Try to be effective from the beginning. If arbitration is considered to be your last chance to achieve success, try to follow several rules in order to have your claim heard and addressed.

As we have mentioned above, you need an attorney’s help in the process of filing for arbitration. If your primary goal is to reinstate your Amazon account, you should draft a Demand of Arbitration, which is considered to be the initial document in the lawsuit. Your side has to claim against Amazon. Try to be careful and include all demanded documentation.  Then you have to file your documentation with the American Association or provide it to Amazon.

The copy for Amazon must be sent to a particular address for such kind of documents.  An Amazon employee responds to your Demand for Arbitration by sending you a list of arbitrators. Try to point out your top three choices in numerical order. The lawyer of Amazon will receive the same list and also number their side’s choices.  Then you will receive the CVs of the arbitrators, which will help you with your decision.  Each of the cases will have a tentative conference with the arbitrator. During the Preliminary Conference, both you and Amazon’s lawyer will provide the arbitrator within your claims.  After which a schedule for the exchange of documents and information will occur. After nearly three months, you will have your hearing. As a rule, Amazon complies with the decision whether they want on their platform or not.