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Amazon Account Verification – A Guide for FBA Sellers

By February 8, 2021No Comments

Recently, Amazon announced that new FBA sellers must go through the expedited verification process before starting to sell on its platform. Therefore, Got Suspended Client’s team has decided to provide its customers with this blog, which talks about the main requirements that Amazon needs in order to complete this process.

The main goal of Amazon Seller Identity Verification is to understand whether you are the real owner of your seller account, or maybe there are several issues with your Amazon business. In this blog you can find more information concerning Amazon verification suspensions. Generally, a verification process consists of several steps that you have to implement in order to pass the Identity Verification process.

The first one is a form that you have to fill by answering several questions concerning your business. Additionally, you should provide Amazon with comprehensive information which verifies your answers.

Here, we have collected the main information that you need when you fill this form:

  • Your Business Name
  • Your Business Address
  • Your Business Contact Information, including name, address, date of birth
  • Your Business Email Address
  • Valid Credit Card
  • Working Phone Number
  • Federal Tax ID
  • State Tax ID
  • National ID Card

If you are operating in North America, then you have to provide Amazon with a national ID card and your credit card’s statements and utility bill.

How to Complete This Process

After collecting all required documents, you should go to your Seller Central account and log in. Here you have to navigate to the Seller Identity Verification page, and choose the country where your business is located. Your next step should be filling out the necessary fields.

It is wise to know that before finishing this process, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Try to ensure that the information which you have provided is completely accurate, since you cannot change it after submitting the form.
  • Usually, the process of verification lasts nearly 3 days. Once it has finished, you will get the results via your email.

When Your Identity Verification Application is Rejected

If you receive a rejection from Amazon, your first step should be to figure out why Amazon rejected your application, especially if you have done everything by the book.

Generally, there are several reasons why Amazon can reject your Identity Verification application. If you do not want to get a rejection from Amazon, then it is better to ensure that you do not have any mismatching information in your application. We have collected the main mistakes based on which Amazon can reject your Identity Verification Application:

  • Poor quality documents: Before submitting any documents, try to ensure that they are high-quality scans. Also, check the name of the file which should consist of both letters and numbers, without any characters. Additionally, try to ensure that the file is not bigger than 10MB. Recheck all the above-mentioned steps, and try to complete this process again.
  • Missing Information: Go over all the documents that you have submitted, and try to ensure that there are no missing documents concerning your application.
  • Mismatching Contact Information: If you come across with such issues, we recommend that you go to your Seller Central Account, and compare all information associated with your Amazon account.




In light of all the above-mentioned information, you can ensure that the identity verification process requires more attention on your part. Therefore, before starting this process, you have to double check that you have all the necessary documents required for this process; otherwise, you risk getting stuck in this verification phase for a very long period of time.

Or, make things even easier for yourself! You can trust this process to professional reinstatement experts from Got Suspended Clients, who will handle things more professionally compared to others. The reason of our success lies in working solely with professionals who are able to successfully reinstate all types of Amazon suspensions. Reach out to our team, and break the barriers toward a successful business on Amazon. Fore more information, visit our website, where you can find detailed information concerning our services.