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Recently, Amazon has come up with a note concerning product condition. It is especially stressing that the product which is sold as new has to be new, not returned. Even a worn-out box is reason enough for both Amazon and costumer to consider the product as used, and for Amazon to deliver a case of suspension to your account.

There are several posts on Amazon Seller Central regarding Amazon’s listing policies which are devised in order to make sure that costumers receive their order in perfect condition. Try to meet all these requirements; it will help you avoid suspension issues. 

Heart of the Problem

Usually, these kinds of issues appear when sellers source products from rogue resellers instead of sourcing directly from manufacturers. By sourcing goods from unauthorized distributors, you risk getting a cat in the sack since you cannot be sure about the quality of the sold product. Therefore, it is better to build solid relationships with your suppliers in order to be sure that you are sourcing high-quality and genuine products. 

However, if you come across with a product return within your business, it is better to avoid selling these returns as new (even though they are new!) since in most cases, shoppers open the package before returning it, which means the product is actually used.

Something to Note:

Keep in mind that when you are listing your product and specifying it it as new, it should be new: undamaged, in a new condition, and in an unopened package. Even a damaged box of your product or scratches on the box can be an underlying reason for getting hit with a Used Sold as New infringement, which may lead to your account’s deactivation.  

We have prepared several tips which can help you understand whether you are in the red for selling returned products:

  • Try to ensure that you are sourcing your goods directly from brands or their authorized distributors. By doing this, you can be sure that all your goods are coming in perfect condition and in original packaging. Plus, if something goes wrong during delivery, you’ll be able to prove that it was not your fault.
  • Double-check that your products are properly described and listed in the right condition. Try to be as clear as possible; do not hide any information concerning your product from the buyers, because both buyers and Amazon will not take that lightly.
  • Try to ensure that the order will not be damaged during transportation. You should implement all the necessary steps for your customer to get the order completely intact. If you do not have such experience, you can integrate to Fulfilment by Amazon, and put all the troubles with the shipping on Amazon’s shoulders. If not FBA, then make sure you follow product packaging policies on Amazon Seller Central. There’s a ton of them and it’s your duty as a seller to study them.
  • Even though this is not advised, make sure the items which are returned are still in new condition, meaning they came back exactly the same way they went out. Only then you should consider adding them back into your inventory. 

We hope that the above-mentioned information will help you avoid any issues concerning your products. However, if you suddenly find your account suspended for selling used products as new, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Got Suspended Clients’ appeal reinstatement service will always help you with your account reinstatement process and give you tons of useful information on how to run a successful Amazon business! We’ll also teach you how to handle your returns!