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Millions of sellers are asking themselves “Is it worth working with Amazon appeal service?” and the answer is YES! That was a rhetorical question! Amazon seller suspension makes your blood run cold, and what is worse, almost always sellers can’t stand the pressure and give up by closing their accounts. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that Amazon sellers can’t reinstate their accounts. We do believe that everyone can appeal their suspension provided they are educated on Amazon’s requirements and vital elements leading to the reinstatement. To educate the sellers we have loads of articles about not only suspensions but also their main reasons and solutions. However, we do think that sometimes it’s better to reinstate your Amazon seller account together with an appeal service since some of your unintentional actions can make things worse. Now let us put you in the picture and show why you should work with appeal services like Got Suspended and achieve your account’s reinstatement with flying colors!

We told you that everyone can reinstate Amazon seller accounts if they have enough information. Then why should you work with an appeal service?

  • Even though you have sufficient information concerning Amazon seller suspensions, not everyone can play their cards right. Without experience, unfortunately, chances of reinstating your account are low.
  • Amazon has suspended your seller account; however, it sometimes ignores all of your POAs (Plan of action). If you don’t have enough information or don’t know what Amazon exactly wants, it will take ages to reinstate your account.  Some desperate sellers go the extra mile and provide Amazon with numerous POAs with contradicting information, thinking that at least one of them will work. With an appeal service, it will be more convenient and faster.
  • Statistically, sellers spend more time on reinstating their account than an appeal service does. In the interim, they could have confirmed and fulfilled many orders, but we all know that there’s no business within the suspension period. Think about the money you will probably use (and lose!), if you concentrate all of your efforts on writing appeals which will be mercilessly denied by Amazon.

How can you identify a good appeal service? What criteria should it have, and of course, how much should you pay for your reinstatement? These questions spread like wildfire among Amazon sellers and we are happy to answer all of them.

First of all, let’s talk about prices. Reinstating an Amazon account is not fun and games. This requires having e-commerce specialists, lawyers, professional appeal writers, and more. This means that the price is calculated according to the level of complexity. On our website, you can see that we separated cases based on their difficulty level: moderate, difficult, professional.

If you’re still wondering which appeal service can be considered as a good one, have a look at this:

  • No successful appeal service will guarantee 100% reinstatement.
  • Have a look at your appeal service experience. A successful service knows what questions to ask, which aspects they should stress on in the POA. Each case is unique; make sure they don’t sell templates.
  • It’s important that the service has professionals from different fields. E-commerce consists not only of e-commerce experts.
  • Talk with other reinstated Amazon sellers; they can also recommend you a good appeal service, and even better, a bad one which you should avoid!

We are happy to say that we meet all the criteria mentioned above. We have opened many accounts and will continue to help sellers from all over the world. E-commerce reality is sometimes tough, but we know that together we can make it. If you think that hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur. Trust Got Suspended and you’ll see that it’s not just a label, but a proven fact.