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Are you one of those sellers who think that Amazon FBA is a real catch? Then this Got Suspended? Amazon FBA Prep Service blog is right up your alley! As you already know, Amazon has created its Fulfillment by Amazon service particularly for the ones who don’t manage to fulfill their orders, or just want someone else to do the hard work, and as you can see, it works out great for everyone! Amazon FBA is going viral, which means sellers should be aware of every little FBA nuance in order to succeed on Amazon, and of course, to not get suspended!
Today, our Amazon reinstatement service is going to talk about FBA prep services, and how to choose them to circumvent account suspensions.

First of all, what is an FBA prep service?

You see, even in simplicity, there is a pinch of complexity; and just like that, Amazon FBA is not as easy as it seems. Many sellers think that you just send your inventory to Amazon, and voila, you’re selling products and earning money! Unfortunately, they are strongly mistaken. Before sending inventory to Amazon, your products should be properly packaged, labeled, and sometimes inspected, which is the main function of an FBA prep service! They just prepare your products for the big journey to Amazon fulfillment centers.

Of course, you can do everything on your own, use different materials and do everything manually, you can give your money to Amazon, and you can hire a third-party which knows everything about Amazon FBA. And now, we will mainly focus on the third-party that can literally save your Amazon life (if you choose it wisely).

Factor 1

Did you know that apart from packaging, labeling and inspecting your product, Amazon FBA service can be a storage for your inventory? Yes, that’s possible, and very useful for Amazon sellers. First of all, think about your inventory in fulfillment centers. If you somehow get suspended, the entire inventory will be trapped in Amazon’s cage. So, many prep services have a good amount of storage area for your inventory, where it will wait until the service sends it to Amazon. This might not be that great for perishable goods, but we’ll focus on this in another blog!

Apart from that, you will never overstock fulfillment centers, as a result of which Amazon will charge you s extra money for the products that haven’t been sold.

Factor 2

Price, that’s what you have to check first. You can be a successful seller with big profits, but that doesn’t change anything. Check the price/quality ratio; is it really worth it? Moreover, some prep services want you to pay monthly, and some of them charge you for every item sent to fulfillment centers. This nuance is very important, since you can be a seller with products selling like hotcakes, (in which case it would be more profitable to choose the monthly option) and you can be a novice seller and have weak revenue (in this case you can choose pay per item option).

Factor 3

A good prep service should be fast enough, because your shipment rate depends on it. If you’re thinking which service you should choose, just look at the time they guarantee. The best FBA prep services give you a 24 or maximum a 48-hour limit, which makes them more favorable for sellers. On their websites, FBA prep services often have a section for reviews, so make sure you read different opinions and make conclusions. This way you will avoid late shipment rate, and of course, Amazon’s penalty for it in the shape of suspensions.

Before choosing an FBA prep service, consider different options, shortlist them and choose the best one that fits you and your business. Choose a good FBA prep service, enjoy their fast and high-quality work, and operate your business without any suspensions.