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As a rule, every FBA seller knows that an Amazon inauthentic suspension is one of the most common and most encountered types of Amazon suspensions. That’s because both buyers and brands do not stop complaining that items are low quality or just do not meet the described criteria. As a result, a seller’s account gets suspended for an inauthentic violation. In order to protect our readers from inauthentic issues, Got Suspended Clients are going to tell you the main aspects that you should know about inauthentic suspensions in 2021. You can also find interesting information concerning Inauthentic issues by reading this blog.

The main reason why Amazon is so strict when it comes to an inauthentic violation is that it wants to root out counterfeit products from its platform. Therefore, it spends a considerable amount of time to find those who provide counterfeit products in this field.


No One Is Immune!

It doesn’t matter whether you are doing private label or drop shipping. When it comes to customers’ dissatisfaction, no one is protected from getting an inauthentic suspension. Once a customer complains about differences between the purchased product and its detailed page description, the possibility of getting inauthentic suspension increases. Learn more about customers’ inauthentic complaints in this blog.


Don’t Ignore Inauthentic Complaints!

Generally, most sellers don’t pay enough attention to inauthentic reports and ignore complaints received from customers. Whereas by handling any inauthentic issues in their early stages, they can avoid Amazon suspensions. Unfortunately, by doing so, sellers play with fire, since if you have not taken sufficient steps right after receiving inauthentic notes, you risk finding yourself in Amazon’s suspension zone.


Why Are Inauthentic Suspensions So Common?

If you are an Amazon seller, you will agree with the statement that an inauthentic suspension is one of the most popular types of Amazon suspensions.  That’s because there are lots of sellers who get inauthentic suspensions quite a lot. So, if you want to protect your business from the possibility of receiving an inauthentic suspension, you have to be extra careful, and try to do everything in accordance with all of Amazon’s requirements.


What Amazon Wants to See in Your POA

So, let’s try to understand Amazon’s main requirements concerning your Plan of Action. Along with a carefully drafted Plan of Action, you have to provide Amazon with detailed information concerning your supply chain. Keep in mind that information regarding your suppliers should be verifiable and meet Amazon’s verification criteria.


What About Invoices?

Before submitting any documentation, try to ensure that information in your invoices is clear and visible. If you notice that there is unclear information, ask your suppliers to provide you with correct invoices, otherwise Amazon will reject them. In this blog you can find tons of useful information regarding your invoices.


Choosing the Right Suppliers!

Keep in mind that when you submit your supply chain information, you have to ensure that your supplier has a valid website and contact information, so Amazon can reach out to them and verify their validity, as well as yourself as a seller!


And the Most Important Part Is?

When you are appealing your suspension, you should strictly understand that one of the most crucial parts in this process is writing a professional Plan of Action. You have to provide Amazon with detailed information, concerning both your business and suspension. First of all, you have to identify the real root cause of your suspension and show Amazon that you know the exact reason behind these issues. Your next step should be presenting immediate measures taken by you right after getting an inauthentic suspension. Furthermore, you have to show Amazon that you don’t want such kinds of errors to reoccur in the future.

Writing the right Plan of Action is not so easy, especially if you do not have enough experience in selling on Amazon. Therefore, we recommend that you use a professional service like Got Suspended Clients. We will not only help you in drafting a strong Plan of Action, but also teach you how to avoid the same issues in the future. Reach out to us and we will return your selling privileges in the shortest period of time!