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Amazon Listing Hijacking: Let’s Defend Your Listings Together!

By May 28, 2021No Comments

“Amazon is the best marketplace ever,” “Amazon changed my life,” “There are no drawbacks when it comes to Amazon.”

Have you ever heard something like this? If yes, you have either talked to a person who has never faced the harsh reality, or they just lied to you. The reality of Amazon is completely different. Yes, the customer-base is huge, you can have many sales and get more money, but at what cost?

Suspensions, toxic competition and sellers who are ready to ruin your reputation to build theirs…This is not a joke, Amazon is literally fraught with danger and things that will either harm you and your nerves, or damage your account and reputation! However, today we will talk about listing hijacking and how to stop it on time.

What is Listing Hijacking?

Sometimes, when you are not careful enough, you may experience having your listings hijacked by rogue sellers. If this happens, you will find another seller who is selling their products under your listings! This means that you will most probably lose the Buy Box you worked very hard to win, because these sellers will sell their inventory at a significantly lower price by using YOUR listings.

Let’s Fight Against Hijacking Together!

First of all, you need to understand who the seller is. If your Amazon store is significantly low, and you have enough time to manually check your listings, then this is the first thing that you should really do. If you have this opportunity, find the seller, and make sure you note their storefront’s name, seller ID, ASINs that they sell, page URL and other details that are used to distinguish sellers. However, if you own a relatively big store, where there are more than simple 20-30 listings, then you should contact professionals and make sure they help you identify the seller.

Time to Do Some Legal Stuff!

Usually, rogue sellers sell the fake version of your product under your listings, and that’s what really annoys us! However, this can be easily solved! All you need to do is write a Cease & Desist letter and send it to the seller who dared to damage your store! If you don’t know what a Cease & Desist letter is, just look at its title: cease is end, and desist is stop, they’re almost the same thing!

This letter will warn rogue sellers about their actions and show them that they’re doing something wrong. What’s more, the hijacker will be aware that they violated your trademark rights and will probably face legal sanctions in case of not complying with the conditions of your store and your letter. This works in most of the cases, because no seller on Amazon wants to be in trouble with the law!

Will Amazon Know About That?

Yes, the most pleasing part is when Amazon is notified! In this case, Amazon will take certain measures, and guess what? The platform will take away their selling privileges and get them suspended. Well, in this case, they will have to do a “reactivate Amazon seller account” drill and suffer even more, because they will have problems with law and Amazon at the same time. Yeah, these two are a perfect combination of evil and evil!

As you can already understand, you SHOULD report to Amazon, and you should do it as fast as you can, and you know why? Because rogue sellers are ready to do literally anything! They can even report on you to Amazon, as if YOU were the one to steal their listings! So, make sure you don’t find your Amazon account suspended for no reason!

Amazon Brand Registry

As a solution, you can also enroll yourself in Amazon Brand Registry and protect your own account from hijackers. If you decide to engage yourself into this, you will be provided with tools and special techniques that will help you not only protect yourself from infringers, but also remove sellers from your listings with your eyes closed! Yes, Amazon can sometimes simplify your life!

If you were the target of hijackers and now you have to reactivate Amazon seller account, you can always contact us for help! Our specialists will provide you with the best Amazon appeal letter and help you reinstate your account. For more fantastic Amazon services, contact us now!