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Today at Got Suspended Clients, we will talk about Amazon Private Label as a popular business model among Amazon sellers, and what you should do to get out of suspending situations on Amazon. But first of all, let’s understand what private label is, and why it became one of the most famous business models among eCommerce sellers.

To sell private label on Amazon, you need to find private label suppliers/manufacturers who are selling unnamed and unspecified products that can easily become yours after putting a logo on them. For this, you just have to find suppliers, choose the products you want to sell, and start the actual listing process. So, Amazon Private Label is not Private label without…

  • Private Label Suppliers: before working with a certain supplier, make sure they are ready to provide you with products designated specially for private label. If not, your account will be in great danger – you can get an inauthentic suspension because of selling the wrong products!
  • Sample Products: it’s all about Photoshop, good marketing, and deception – everyone can make a good website and showcase high-quality products, but have you ever asked for samples? Imagine paying a considerable amount of money to an unknown manufacturer, and after the products arrive, you notice numerous defects, blemishes and flaws. Returning products to the manufacturer is not an option, and neither is selling them. So what can you do? It’s always better to think in advance, and ask for sample products. This way, you will be able to verify the quality of the products you will be eventually selling, and making profits from!
  • A Good Logo: a good logo is very important, especially when you want to become famous and stand out from the crowd. But here’s the thing: you should always be careful with them because they are almost always trademarked (protected by the law), and if you (even unintentionally) take someone else’s logo, you’ll have problems with the law! Apart from that, if you take a logo from Amazon sellers, they can report you on Amazon, and get you suspended!
  • A Good Delivery Strategy: think of your products, how they’re going to be shipped, and by whom! It’s really important, so sit down and estimate your abilities. If you find that you can do everything by yourself, if you can manage to ship your products to Amazon customers, if you can keep your products safe while delivering them, just do it! But if you feel you won’t succeed, choose Amazon FBA and Amazon will do the rest. Just be careful of Amazon’s mistakes, they can get you suspended!
  • Good, Creative and Private Labeled Descriptions: if you decide to start your private label business, then you should create your listings accordingly. If you’re ready to sell creative products, be ready for making your listings; it’s simple! Here’s a tip from our writers at Got Suspended Clients: don’t ever try to copy other sellers’ descriptions, it can lead you to problems with the law, more specifically, copyright laws!

It’s easy to get suspended on Amazon, but it’s even easier to avoid it! So, if you don’t want to see Amazon suspensions, protect your account by following its policies and doing everything by the book! Our appeal service will continue its mission – educating Amazon sellers across the world, and helping them reinstate their accounts; but if you can, stay away from suspensions, and make use of our educational articles for free!