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In our previous article about the supply chain, we talked about suspensions that happen because of a bad choice of suppliers and manufacturers. What’s more, we also showed you all the tricky ways to identify fake opportunities and get rid of bogus companies and products!

To sum up the previous article and save you some time, these are the key points of Amazon supply chain based suspensions:

  • Supply chain-related suspensions usually happen because of fake manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Even if sellers don’t realize the potential risk of working with fake suppliers, it still exists and is very common among sellers.
  • Usually, sellers don’t really know that the products they’re selling are inauthentic or fake. They learn about this the hard way…after getting suspended on Amazon!
  • If you want to get rid of fake companies, go through their website, find contact information, drop a line to them and make sure they’re processing their business and customer service just like any other normal company.
  • Problems with the supply chain can deactivate your accounts and cause inauthentic, IP, ODR, and other suspensions… So, be careful with Amazon suspensions and check your Account Health metrics on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe one day you will find a potential mistake and avoid the worst Amazon suspension you could ever have!

Now that you know how important it is to have a good supply chain, we will tell you a bit more about it! You see, Amazon also understands how crucial it is to have sellers who are operating their business together with reliable and trustworthy suppliers, which is why this question is strictly regulated!

This is the reason Amazon decided to regulate this sphere with a policy, which should be taken into account while selling on this platform. The policy is called Supply Chain Standards, and here are the main points you should know about!


Remember that complying with Amazon policies is always a must! Otherwise, Amazon’s software will target you, deactivate your account, remove or disable your listings, and get your Amazon account suspended. So…Be careful!

The most important thing about the supply chain is that Amazon wants you to work with legitimate and honest suppliers who are not only producing and selling high-quality products but also have certain standards.

Standards You Were Waiting For!

After a few lines, you will see it yourself that Amazon cares about its customers, and that’s why it just doesn’t accept the fact that companies have, for example, child labor and other alarming elements in their business operations.

Long story short, these are the requirements, or let’s better say standards that your suppliers should meet:

  • Amazon will not allow suppliers who are using forced, indentured, or child labor to manufacture products
  • You will never be allowed to sell products that are made with cotton sourced from Turkmenistan or Uzbekistan
  • Forget about inventory that is created in hazardous or unsafe working conditions, “including in those factories deemed ineligible under the Bangladesh Accord
  • Products that are manufactured in a place where workers are subject to discrimination or physical, verbal, or psychological abuse are banned here!

What Happens When Amazon Understands You May Be The Wrong Guy…

If Amazon sees something strange or “different” in your products, it will certainly take measures to fight against the forbidden fruit! If you feel that your products simply don’t meet the requirements of Amazon, please don’t sell them! For the sake of your business and your selling career, always make sure you’re complying with Amazon policies: otherwise, you will have problems!

In this case, Amazon will ask you to

  • Demonstrate policies that line up with Amazon’s supply chain standards. But that’s not all!
  • It will also request “auditing protocols, processes for assessing facility working conditions, or participation in an approved industry association that requires factory monitoring,”
  • It will request factory information of your products, and “unannounced audits of the factory in question, potentially including unsupervised worker interviews.”

Getting suspended is like getting lost in a big city, where no one understands a word you say and where no one speaks English! It’s the feeling of helplessness that you discover on and on again! So, if you want to avoid this feeling, contact our Amazon appeal service! We will show you how to reactivate Amazon seller account privileges and get it back as soon as possible!