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“Welcome! Please have some suspension before walking in!”

Everyone says that selling on Amazon is fun and games; you just list your products and they start selling like hotcakes. The rest is cakewalk. But just like every “too good to be true” scenario, it’s not true! In other, figurative words, Amazon just sits and waits until you open a new seller account; after that, it starts the deactivation process, even though you haven’t managed to sell anything yet.

All the tales about earning big profits suddenly dispel, because how can you make money if you are already suspended by this ruthless marketplace? That’s a tough a question, and we at Got Suspended Clients will try to explain it from the perspective of Amazon.

Let’s Justify Amazon

Experience is the teacher of all things on Amazon, which is why every suspension has a specific origin and reason. We’re constantly stressing the fact that Amazon adores its customers, so it’s needless to say that no seller on Amazon should ever try to violate Amazon’s policies and harm its customer-centric strategy. Including you!

Nothing personal! Before you, there were thousands of sellers who were violating Amazon’s policies, and who were constantly ruining its reputation. So, Amazon figured that it’s better to suspend sellers before they even manage to do anything wrong.

In order to reinstate you and allow you to continue your business on this marketplace, Amazon needs to know everything about you and your business. Your personal information is already in your selling account, so Amazon doesn’t need it (usually!). But what about supply chain information? Amazon can’t ask you to put all the information concerning your business operations and supply chain in a seller account, and that’s exactly why you’re suspended! Yes, we justified Amazon; but that doesn’t help, does it?

What Can I Do?

In general, Amazon suspends you because of questioning the authenticity of the products you offer. That’s why Amazon will breathe down your neck until you provide information concerning your products, suppliers or brands you’re working with. Build bridges with Amazon, and give them what they want. Once the bridge is built, passing it should be fairly easy.

If you provide accurate information that butters up Amazon’s Seller Performance Team, you will get your newly-formed account back; but if not, you will have to try again and work on your appeal letter!

Victim of a War Against Counterfeits

On the other hand, Amazon can verify your supply chain information, and find out that you’re working with a fly-by-night company, which is not only unauthorized, but also sells counterfeits all over the eCommerce world. In this case, Amazon won’t cooperate with you, which will result in the rejection of your appeal letter.

If you have been suspended before having any sale, don’t panic! It’s likely just a supply chain check, which means you will get your account back easier than other sellers do! Apart from that, you don’t have any funds on your new account, so you won’t struggle because of withheld money on your deactivated account! In other words, you’re very lucky!

TIP: Be polite with Amazon, even though it didn’t have a reason for suspending you. Once you start blaming Amazon and threating to sue them, you will cross the Rubicon and there would be no turning back!