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What if one day you decide to start selling books on Amazon? Fierce competition aside, you may probably not be aware that there are certain books that you should stay away from in order to avoid having your seller account suspended.  Yes! Our Got Suspended Amazon reinstatement service knows for a fact that you can get suspended for selling specific books!

Put on your reading glasses. It’s time to read the story of selling books and getting service an Amazon seller suspension!

Everyone knows that Amazon does not censor books; it just deletes them if they are don’t meet its Terms of Service. Amazon has a list of criteria which might get a book banned, such as illegal activities and some restrictions on erotica, especially underage sex. Amazon can prohibit those authors who violate the Terms of Service several times. When that happens, all the books of that author are removed from the store. It’s not just the authors who can have hot water splashed on them! Sellers can also be suspended for selling books that are on Amazon’s no-no list. Some sellers who sell banned products have been able to get their accounts back; others can’t do that without the help of an Amazon reinstatement service like Got Suspended.

No Hate Speech!

Recently, Amazon banned one of the most popular editions of Hitler’s Mein Kampf and other books pertaining to Nazi ideology. Booksellers on the platform were notified that they are not allowed to sell Nazi-authored books on Amazon since this strictly violates Amazon’s Code of Conduct. The banning impacts the main editions of Mein Kampf, manufactured by main publishers such as London-based Random House and India’s Jaico, for whom this book is considered a bestseller.


In the early 90s, leading Holocaust education charities and Jewish groups gathered to stop Amazon from selling Mein Kampf; however, the retailer defended the right to free speech. Mein Kampf is an autobiographical manifesto written by the famous Nazi Party leader in November 1923. It includes two volumes and fifteen chapters, in which Hitler outlined his political ideologies and future plans for Germany.

The Auschwitz Museum also accused Jeff Bezos of making money from selling anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda.

In its defense, Amazon said that they provide customers with access to different viewpoints, which serve a vital educational role in understanding and preventing antisemitism. According to Amazon’s spokesperson, all retailers make decisions on what selection they choose to offer.

Fall of the Empire

It is hard to believe, but the e-commerce giant yielded. Hundreds of inexpensive Kindle eBook editions of Mein Kampf were deleted from its platform.

Other publications of Nazi ideology, including the children’s book, The Poisonous Mushroom, have also been removed from Amazon’s platform.

Amazon has yet to comment on its actions and its sudden change of mind. It simply replaced the book with the picture of a dog, which you may have seen a lot on Amazon when listings are deleted.

Forbidden Fruit

It’s a no brainer that the various editions of Mein Kampf collectively a ton of reviews, with some customers giving it 5-star ratings. A leopard does not change its spots. In the far corners of Amazon, you can still find a handful of foreign-language academic editions of Mein Kampf, including an expensive German-language edition from 2016.

Keeping all of this in mind, our Amazon appeal service definitely recommends not listing any books that have hate speech at their core. This will definitely help you avoid a long, hard process of Amazon suspension reinstatement!

If by any chance you find yourself suspended on Amazon’s platform, you know where to find us!