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The holiday season is approaching with confident steps. And it is logical that most of the Amazon sellers are rushing to stock up on brand new goods, in order to meet that “boom” in sales.

Let’s be honest, all of us dreamt to appear in Duncan’s Toy Chest which was successfully saved from theft by a brave little boy Kevin. Let’s be honest: even adults love toys! We are always ready to spend hours in toy stores, search for the best teddy bears and dolls, or simply wander around the store, look at all the new toys on the shelves.

Of course, the variety of new toys is mindboggling: from talking robots to crying and blinking toys! However, the clock is ticking, and the habits are changing. Today people prefer making their purchases online without wasting additional time in stores.

It is a common truth that toys are leading the pack of Amazon for many years, and are considered one of the best-selling categories. However, do not rush to stock up on toys, since Amazon sets several requirements for selling them through its platform. So, if your aim is to hit the jackpot by selling toys during the holiday period, then it’s time for actions.


  • Your Pre-fulfilment cancellation rate should be above 1.75% in the period from September 15.2020 to October 14.2020.
  • You should have nearly 25 shipped orders in the period from August 15.2020 to October 14.2020.
  • Your Late Shipment Rate should not exceed 4% from September 15.2020 to October 14.2020.
  • Your Order Defect Rate (ODR) should be not above than 1 % during the period of October 14.2020.

However, if you are an FBA seller you don’t need to obtain these requirements since you are eligible to sell what you want, as much as you want.


Keep in mind that it is too hard to keep pre-fulfilment cancelation rate under 2.5%, especially during the holiday season. So, you have to put all your efforts in order to complete this specific requirement. You just have to avoid cancellations of any FBM order during your operations.

And one more thing: stay away from confirming any order shipments after the expected date. Try to ensure that your Account Health Metrics are in a good condition, in accordance to all the Amazon requirements.

Why is That?

It is a rule of thumb, that Amazon is obsessed with its customers, especially the small ones. Toys are considered to be one of the best-selling products during the holiday, therefore, Amazon wants to ensure that you really deserve to be the little part of this world. If you stumble, you will immediately get suspended by Amazon. So, you have to put all your efforts to correspond with all these requirements: otherwise, you will have serious issues with Amazon. If you decide to devote yourself to the toy industry, then you have to meet all the above-mentioned requirements. However, as practice shows, most of the Amazon sellers are not able to complete this process alone. And guess what? This is the reason our appeal service exists! We are open to help you not only run a safely business on Amazon, but also reinstate your suspended seller account in a super short period of time!