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What if all this time you were lied to and never realized it? What if all this time, your heart missed a beat because of the risk of being suspended, because of doing something wrong? What would you do, if you finally realized that the one who is responsible for the wrong things you have done is Amazon itself? So many questions, yet there were no answers to this question until now. Got Suspended Clients will open your eyes and show, that sometimes the more you know, the better!

Let us explain. Despite the fact that Amazon dominates the e-commerce world, there are serious gaps in its system concerning the sellers and their needs. You have probably heard that Amazon gives its sellers the cold shoulder, and it is partly true. That’s life, you know. We have never treated the way we thought we wanted to be. Sounds dramatic? Well, no surprise! Amazon account suspensions can be potentially devastating to sellers, so a little drama is not uncalled for!

Maybe We Could Talk?

Yes, Amazon is bad at communication; basically, Amazon is not a people-person when it comes to sellers. On the opposite side, there is no one to respond to questions, no one to help you. On the other hand, sellers, scared to make a false move, do everything in order to please Amazon. To escape the merciless verdict of Amazon account suspensions, sellers satisfy Amazon customers, a report in case of fraud or scam, provide Amazon with proper feedback, and so on. However, the suspended sellers can certainly state that dancing to Amazon’s tune doesn’t always work.

Amazon, Clarify Your Purpose, Please?

Got Suspended Clients has seen numerous sellers, who did their best to appeal a suspension and reinstate their seller account to no avail. The reason for this is the generic response from Amazon which is automatically sent to the sellers, leaving them with zero information, putting them on the road to nowhere. This is usually called “Amazon’s Kiss of Death” by sellers who’ve been unfortunate enough to receive it. It feels as if Amazon always needs more information, even if you have provided all the possible and impossible information out there. This is why most of you can’t reinstate your suspended Amazon account; Amazon doesn’t read your appeal. However, Got Suspended Clients knows how to make the top dog pay attention to your appeals. When Got Suspended Clients talks, Amazon listens!

Can We Have One “Know in Advance”, Please?

Owing to enormous experience, Got Suspended Clients can certainly state that if the majority of Amazon sellers they knew what to expect, they would immediately make amendments to their business and avoid getting suspended. We are not talking about the ones who disobeyed Amazon’s policies by selling inauthentic products and faking positive reviews. We are talking about the sellers who do everything by the book and jeopardize their career because of a minor mistake. If Amazon cared about its sellers the same way it cares for its customers, it would help them get back on the right track by sending an advance notice, something like a warning which will help the sellers fill in the gaps of their business on Amazon.

Long story short, there is always a chance to have your account suspended because of Amazon’s negligence. Make sure you are not a constant disobeyer who doesn’t care about Amazon’s policies and does nothing but infringing then. If you are not one of these sellers, then the problem is probably in Amazon which constantly brushes off all your appeals. In case you need help, our Got Suspended Clients team of professional writers and e-commerce specialists is ready to help with the monotonous process of your Amazon account reinstatement.