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A John Kehoe once said, “No tobacco companies, not an addiction,” and he was totally right. However, the representatives of the merciless tobacco industry are continuing to compete with each other in order to achieve customers’ attention both in physicals and e-commerce stores.

Everyone knows that Amazon does not allow selling illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products on its platform, and if you are in violation, you can receive penalties or have your seller account suspended by Amazon. In our previous blogs, we discuss this quote a lot. So, before listing any products on your listing, take a look at the Restricted Products Help Pages in order to avoid unforeseen consequences.

Let’s get into this topic in order to understand all the hidden questions of this smoky world. We’ve already listed some of the items here for you in this Got Suspended Amazon appeal service blog:

Hard Pass!

Well, you can sell items like cigar cutters, cigarette paper, and even hookahs on Amazon without having to look behind your shoulder. However, stay miles away from nicotine products. Among them:

  • Cigars
  • Tobacco
  • Cigarettes
  • Blunt Wraps
  • Chewing Tobacco
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Dipping Tobacco

What If I am a Tobacco Retailer?

Very good question!

If you are a tobacco seller or distributor, keep in mind that Tobacco Laws are different in each state. Your customers must be 18 for legally purchasing tobacco products. In such states as Utah, Jersey, Washington, and Alaska, it is illegal to sell tobacco products to those who are under 19.

While the online sale of tobacco products is prohibited, most states permit the online sale of some tobacco-related products or cigars from a website.

However, in some areas like Maryland, there is a blanket prohibition on the online sale of tobacco products. There are nearly ten states which will not allow your company to sell online tobacco products. There are also some states which require a business to have a wholesale or retailer license for selling tobacco products in those specific states. Even if you don’t have a physical presence in this state, you are required to obtain a state license and pay taxes.

So, How Does the Smoke Go Out?

As you can see, by selling any of Amazon’s restricted products, in this case tobacco-related, you are walking on the tight rope since it can lead to massive consequences within your business. Before listing any products on Amazon, it is better to ensure with the list of Amazon’s restricted items laws and regulations. It’s only a click away and it will save you a ton of headache! Otherwise, you will be served a cold dish of Amazon seller suspension, and you will have a hard time trying to reinstate your seller account by yourself. Many sellers oftentimes face Amazon suspension because they either intentionally or intentionally list items that they aren’t supposed to sell. Got Suspended’s Amazon reinstatement service has a thought-out strategy for such kind of issues and is ready to help you in the process of reinstating your Amazon account and returning you to Amazon’s platform.


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