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If you are starting your business on Amazon, no matter whether you’re a professional seller or just a beginner, it’s always advisable to know the rules of the online platform. You should bear in mind that you are the one to take responsibility for each step you make. One day you may find your seller account suspended even for the smallest and seemingly unimportant breach of the platform rules. Got Suspended Clients knows absolutely all possible and even impossible reasons for account suspensions and will guide you through and help you avoid going round in circles.

So, let’s start with the basics: Verification Suspensions.

No doubt you’ve heard about it and about the very fact that it may happen when you least expect it: right after making any amendment to your account. Sometimes, before you even have a chance to do that. It can be any minor change you make, like updating your credit card or even your address information; it will take you to an inevitable Amazon seller account suspension. What we’re going to reveal in this blog may come as a shock to some of you or maybe considered as long-awaited by the others. So, let’s get strict to the point.

The new feature adopted by Amazon is the video call. Wait…What?

Yes, you are not mistaken. Whatever you think, this may help Amazon eliminate fraud, scam, deception, and other ways of expressing one’s desire to cheat. Now what does it mean to have a video call with Amazon, and why should we be prepared?

Everyone knows that Amazon has many ways to catch the fraudsters red-handed. One of these ways is using the advanced technologies, the utilization of which already helped Amazon suspend many sellers operating their business across the platform. After arranging the call, the designated Amazon team will start the process of verification. This entails communicating with the seller, checking their individual’s ID and other information, examining the correspondence of the given information to the documents they posted with their application. At the very least, they can validate that the seller is not a robot!

Even though this sounds pretty good, especially for the sellers who have faced the drawbacks of Amazon competition, some controversial theories are still going viral. For the ones who have watched the Black Mirror series, this will not sound crazy. In short, let’s have a look. Amazon can compare your face to the faces they have in their database to identify the ones who have another account; as you may know, this will lead to linked account suspension. What’s even crazier, Amazon can analyze your face in criminal databases and evaluate your facial expressions to detect the lies. “Lie to Me” series, anyone?

Your face will be saved in their database, and it seems like you will never leave the platform, whether you are suspended or not. Anyway, these are just theories and we’ll never know the truth until we actually get there.

Let’s end with what we consider the slogan of the day: make changes carefully and you’ll never be suspended. Video Calls can be even beneficial for the ones, who got suspended by accident. This will simplify the process of getting reinstated. Stay safe and operate your business on Amazon with confident steps, together with us, your friendly reinstatement companion.