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Communication Guidelines Reduce the Risk of Amazon Suspensions!

By April 23, 2021No Comments

Every Amazon seller knows how difficult it is to operate a business on Amazon, especially when it comes to suspensions. This is the reason every seller on Amazon should be educated enough in order to meet Amazon’s standards and operate a money-making business!

There are many things that you should know about Amazon, starting from its policies and ending with its guidelines. Amazon’s communication guidelines are also one of those things that you need to follow! They play a pivotal role for those who want to operate on Amazon and have success, and what’s more, following them will help you avoid Amazon suspensions! How to appeal Amazon suspension? Well, contact us for more information or read this article till the end and operate a legitimate business on Amazon! In any case, we will be happy to help you!

You surely know that Amazon is a customer-focused company, and that it doesn’t allow its sellers to talk impolitely or rudely with its buyers. You also know that you just can’t contact customers for fun, ask them personal questions or ask them for positive reviews. But do you really know everything that you SHOULDN’T do on Amazon while contacting Amazon customers?

Be Polite

Amazon always appreciates it when you are polite and address every issue of its customers. In reality, being polite and well-mannered will not only help you avoid suspensions, but will also make you look more reliable and have a good image. In other words, this is a win-win situation!

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

Remember, Amazon is not a dating app where you can meet new people, talk about something personal or private. However, many sellers think that if they don’t hurt customers and simply talk to them about life, they won’t get suspended by Amazon. However, we assure you that suspensions occur even from the most unexpected places! So, if you need to contact a customer, contact them with a purpose… a professional one!

Be Ready For Negativity

Customers can be dissatisfied as well! If you come across someone who is filled with anger and wants to conflict with you for no reason, don’t get mad or anything. As always, you need to be polite and address their issues. However, if you feel that a customer is crossing the line, you have the opportunity to report to Amazon. Even the most customer-centric company of the world knows that customers can do bad things!

Technical Part

Now let’s talk about the technical part of contacting Amazon customers. These are the requirements that Amazon has established in order to show you the messages that are not permitted to send:

  • Order or shipping confirmations (Refer to the Indirect communication section below)
  • Messages that say only “Thank you” or that you are here to help if buyers have any problems
  • Marketing or promotional messaging, including coupons
  • Language that either incentivizes or persuades the buyer to submit positive product reviews or seller feedback, including by offering compensation, money, gift cards, free or discounted products, refunds, rebates or reimbursements, or future benefits
  • Language that requests removal or an update of an existing product review
  • Language that requests a product review only if they have had a positive experience with the product
  • A repeat request (per order) for a product review or seller feedback

However, this is not the end! Amazon also pays attention to small details like the use of emojis and gifs! Yes, Amazon always wants to look professional and have authority over customers! So, these are Amazon’s requirements for message styling!

  • Accessibility issues from links without explanatory text (for example, Click here for warranty information) or images or graphics without alt-text
  • Emojis, including emoticons
  • Animated GIFs
  • Message margins over 20% maximum width
  • Image or graphic sizes larger than 80% maximum width
  • Overrides of Amazon’s default line height, font family, or font color
  • Fonts in more than three sizes
  • Message bodies that are centered or that otherwise override default text alignment settings
  • More than two line-breaks (spacing between paragraphs) in a row
  • Unsecure images (http instead of https)
  • Egregious spelling errors or grammar issues

So, if you want to have a good selling history on Amazon, you need to follow its policies. These guidelines simply show how obsessed Amazon is with its customers, and how hard you should work to meet Amazon’s standards.

Remember, everyone makes mistakes! If you made a mistake and got suspended, just know that we’re here to help you! If you want to see your Amazon suspended account reinstated, just leave us a message and we will take care of the rest!