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Copyright infringement is a serious matter for your Amazon account suspension, and for your reputation as a seller in general. Most of the sellers who get suspended because of Copyright Violations are dropshippers. That’s why those who are doing dropshipping on Amazon have to be careful when they are listing products on their account unless they deliberately want to have their seller accounts suspended, which Got Suspended Clients hopes is not the case!

One Step at a Time; What is A Copyright Violation?

Before moving forward, let’s try to understand what copyright suspensions actually are. Imagine you have spent many hours composing a piece of music and uploaded it on Youtube for others to enjoy. Suddenly you see someone has downloaded the audio (in terrible quality) and reuploaded it on Youtube while proudly claiming it’s their song.

That’s pretty much what violating copyright looks like. Except in business, it involves legalities. Brands have strict regulations concerning their copyrighted material.

In most cases, this type of infringement deals with the usage of someone’s images or words. There are three main types of copyright infringement:

  • Direct – where the plaintiff has to show that he is the real owner of the copyright and that the defendant violated the Copyright Act.
  • Contributory – when one materially contributes to the infringing conduct of another.
  • Vicarious – When one enjoys a direct financial benefit from another.

Your First Steps after Suspension

We highly recommend that you handle any Intellectual Property Claims with the help of a lawyer or some sort of legal consultant (which Got Suspended Clients has within our ranks!). However, if you are sure you can tackle it on your own, then go ahead. We warn you, it’s no easy task!

First of all, try to identify the root cause of your suspension. Your next step should be reaching out to the right owner and asking them to withdraw their complaint. Why would they withdraw? Because you might have made an honest mistake by listing an item that you did not know was violating a brand’s copyright. Keep in mind that most of the brands do not agree to retract their complaint on the first try. After this, you should draft your appeal letter to Amazon by attaching all the letters, proving that you have acted towards resolving this problem. Actions speak louder than words. Show Amazon that you reached out to the brand and collected all the necessary documentation proving that you are selling only genuine products.

The Role of Got Suspended Clients

Most sellers who are operating under the dropshipping model upload files without checking them. Keep in mind that there are some high-risk brands that you should stay away from, otherwise you are risking to get your seller account suspended because of an IP violation. Got Suspended Clients to have an in-depth insight into handing these kinds of suspensions and will reinstate your Amazon seller account in a very short period. But that’s not all we do. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of experienced professionals and lawyers, we can not only help you get through the hump of Amazon seller suspensions but also give you useful guidelines on how to avoid IP suspensions in the future. If you received a copyright complaint and you feel like writing your Plan of Action by yourself is a hassle, we at Got Suspended Clients can help you in this process! All you need to do is get in touch with us!