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Whoever said that the customer is always right, probably never worked with the public a day in their life. But at the end of the day, all sellers understand how important it is to maintain a good reputation among customers. It’s a no-brainer that we, the sellers, highly depend on our customers, our main source of income. That is why providing best customer service is a must, otherwise Amazon will simply suspend your account. But let’s have a look from Amazon’s perspective, how Amazon thinks, and what we should do to be on par with its requirements. In fact, we have two scenarios at hand. According to the first one, the seller is punctual and addresses issues in a timely manner, is honest, and makes sure his clients receive their orders. In this case everyone is happy and what is more important, sellers maintain their account. But here’s how the scenario is going to play out if sellers choose the second path – Amazon will notice and mercilessly suspend you. It’s just a word of warning and nothing more. We’re here to help you avoid this kind of situation. Just tread carefully when dealing with customer service!

But now, the ball is in your court as we have these magic tips for you. Just follow them and go ahead with confident steps. Being a seller on Amazon is hard, but it is not impossible!

Make sure your customers know what they are purchasing.

Firstly, it’s all about your customers receiving their product. Remember, everything should be handed on a silver platter: information of the product, its presence in your stock, exchange/return policy, shipping schedules, and so on. Just consider the customer as your friend, this will definitely help you when it comes to your Amazon account.

Be responsive and fast; in one word: efficient.

Every time a customer leaves a feedback, don’t put it on the back burner! Answering your customers is an important part of your selling career, since Amazon carefully monitors every feedback and every response to it. If suddenly a negative feedback appears, don’t panic and answer politely that you will do everything in your ability to resolve this issue. A polite response can help even with a negative feedback under your listing.

Remember that your customer is an ordinary person; treat them appropriately, as you would have them treat you.
After fulfilling the order, make sure your customer received it; it’s a good idea to provide them with instructions of the product and so on. Integrate yourself with your customers, this will help for sure. Everyone likes a conversationalist! But be careful, you shouldn’t bore your customer to death with your letters. Never spam your clients; they already have the opportunity to leave a feedback.

Even though some people like leaving negative feedback, don’t focus on them and try to do everything by the book within the customer service world. Remember, your customers service directly affects your metrics (ODR, Negative feedback, Pre-fulfillment cancellation rate, late shipment rate…), which would in turn affect your Amazon account. These tips will minimize the risk of getting suspended, but still, Amazon is sometimes unpredictable. In case you Got Suspended?, you can use our tips in your forming your Plan of Actions. And remember, the costumer is always right, and a happy costumer’s perception is your reality!