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Sellers on Amazon are obliged to provide unsurpassed customer service, which is sometimes difficult to achieve due to the complexity and instability of the customers themselves. Yes, it is too tricky working with Amazon customers, because their opinions always change, and keeping pace with them turns you into a complete madman.

We know that sometimes it’s too controversial and inconsistent, which is why we at Got Suspended decided to show you how customers think, and how their thoughts affect you and your account. As you know, everything under the sun may be the reason for your Amazon seller suspension; however, our Amazon reinstatement service will show you the true path towards having a profitable business.

Now let’s think outside the box, and put ourselves in customers’ shoes to better understand what exactly they want from you, an Amazon seller. There are four elements of matter: earth, water, air and fire, but elements change in the e-commerce reality; this time you should balance quality, time, and manners.


First of all, you should remember that your customer is an ordinary person, who prefers e-commerce rather than going to physical shops and buying some goods. Logically, this person trusts Amazon, and wants to have products that meet all the standards of a so-called Amazon quality, which is why everything should be calculated with great precision and accuracy. Now a little bit more about the customer-service, and customers themselves:

Yes, products may differ from the original and expected ones, which is why customers may fill your account with negative reviews and backlash. It’s normal, because people tend to fight for the best options, for the products that they truly deserve. This is when the art of communicating with your customers should be the only thing that matters.

Everyone needs attention, and Amazon customers are not an exception. Besides, what we at Got Suspended recommend is that you insert a video describing your product as detailed as possible, to prevent possible misunderstandings and arguments. And, heaven forbid, having your seller account suspended.


Customers are incredibly impatient, which makes you a vulnerable and fragile figure in the Amazon game. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, just know that an Amazon account suspension is guaranteed. Your products can be the champions of e-commerce, your employees can be the fastest and most responsible ones, but after all, does it matter if you don’t respond to them in a timely manner? Of course not! Customers want to be treated like kings and queens, they think that they deserve it, and in fact, they truly do. Don’t forget that it is your customers’ money that stuffs your bank account, and helps you market your business; if they want the impossible, they should receive one. The customer is always right!


Listen to Amazon customers; understand what they want. It is the key to good customer service. People want to be heard and loved, and your business can do both to reach success. Always say thank you, even if your customer is the worst version of themselves, literally an armchair critic. Always be polite, well-behaved, and civilized; customers will value it, no matter what.

In other words, “it takes months to find a customer… seconds to lose one.” If you waste too many seconds on ignoring customer service, you will lose all of them, and at one point of your life, you will find yourself alone, selling your products to no one. The best strategy for your business lies in customer service and the three elements of e-commerce; without them, you won’t be able to operate a profitable business on Amazon!