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Selling cosmetics on Amazon is a hotspot for Amazon seller suspensions, and we’re willing to bet that this hasn’t crossed your mind before! Besides creating a pretty face, cosmetic products can lead to serious problems within your business; moreover, you can be suspended for not obeying regulations.

Amazon considers cosmetics a huge part of its sales; however, sometimes selling cosmetics on Amazon is a confusing experience for beginners. Especially if it’s luxury cosmetic brands. Amazon takes steps in order to make sure that health and beauty items adhere to the safety standards for its customers.

For example, if the customer receives an opened or damaged cosmetic product, it’s a good harbor for a safety issue suspension. That’s why you need to think twice before diving in this risky beauty industry, especially online since cosmetics are going through the world and many are getting their seller accounts suspended because of it.

Carefully Thought Strategy

If you are still true to your idea, read this Got Suspended article to the end in order to understand how to become eligible for selling cosmetics and how you can sell cosmetics without risking a suspension and a visit to our Amazon reinstatement service!

First of all, you have to protect your business from domestic suppliers in regions where your potential audience is located. Plus, you should have temperature-controlled areas in order to be sure that your cosmetic products are safely maintained. Not having temperature-controlled storages is a common mistake that sellers often make. All the products should be checked on expiration dates; otherwise, you will have serious problems until the trial.

Beauty in Law

Amazon has strict requirements for selling cosmetic products on its platform. It requires some additional levels of verification of the products that you are going to sell. You’d have to supply an invoice directly from the manufacturer, which is dated within the last 180 days. Also, you should have on hand the following documentation:

  • Proof of FDA Registration
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certificate
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

It’s All about FDA

According to most of the sellers who are successful in selling cosmetics on Amazon, you have to provide a valid FDA registration for the manufacturer or packager of the product. FDA does not require the registering of cosmetic manufacturers; however, they provide a Voluntary Cosmetics Registration Program (VCRP). Cosmetic facilities which are located in the United States can register with the FDA. In most cases, you can start selling your products before obtaining FDA registration; however, sometimes FDA requests facilities to wait until after their products are in distribution.


The recent growth of the cosmetic industry has filled the market with unsafe products. In the past few years, the United States Congress has signed some new bills for updating current requirements for FDA regulations in order to ensure the safety of the costumers.

If you have been suspended due to a safety issue violation and you want to reinstate your seller account, you’re off to a good start! Got Suspended Amazon reinstatement service successfully handles suspensions such as these, especially when it comes to cosmetics. Give us a call, and let’s get the reinstatement process started today!