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The day starts with good news for those who are doing dropshipping on Amazon. If you are an experienced dropshipper on Amazon and are abiding by Amazon’s dropshipping policy, you probably know how difficult it can be to stay afloat of Amazon. This blog is mostly written for those of you who want to operate under the dropshipping model and are just starting out. Now you have a chance to prevent Amazon suspensions just by showing your invoices before getting suspended.

If you have ever been suspended, you may probably know that it is tremendously difficult to reinstate your seller privileges. Recently, if Amazon has suspects you in selling counterfeit products, you will immediately get your account shut down. This happens a lot with those who don’t comply with Amazon’s dropshipping policy. But, here’s the good news: Amazon allows you to submit your invoices in order to prove that you are selling 100 percent inauthentic items. Thus, Amazon will understand that you are an honest seller, and the suspension won’t be a problem for your business anymore.

A Word About Dropshipping

Dropshipping on Amazon is considered to be one of the most popular models since it has minimum requirements for your startup. 

Generally, Amazon accepts the dropshipping model; all you need is just to follow Amazon’s guidelines. However, keep in mind if you want to do Dropshipping on Amazon, you should source your products directly from brands or solely from authorized distributors. Try to avoid sourcing your goods from the retailers, since sooner or later Amazon detects it, and well, you know the end result.

Advantages of Dropshipping 

Compared to other business models, you do not have to invest much money for your dropshipping startup since you should not buy and keep your goods in a warehouse. It will drastically save both your time and money since you can easily start your business by having a laptop and a connection to the internet. 


As with all Amazon business models, Dropshipping in its turn has several disadvantages:

  • Competition – The first one is competition among the dropshippers on Amazon. Since it is too easy to start with dropshipping, you risk facing a considerable number of competitors who are selling the same products as you.
  • Late Shipment – Another disadvantage of Dropshipping is late shipment issues. Since you are not responsible for the shipping of your goods, you should be ready for the fact that your distributors can let you down with the delivery delays. As a result, you can get suspended due to late shipment. Yes, your supply chain will be off the hook while your customers blame you because they ordered products from your store.
  • Poor Quality – As a dropshipper, you cannot be sure that you are providing a good service and selling high-quality products. Or even worse, maybe your products have been damaged during the shipping process. All of these can be breeding grounds for suspensions.

Even if Amazon has provided the dropshippers with a great opportunity to avoid inauthentic issues, we advise you not to be complacent and try to concentrate on other aspects of your dropshipping business. Especially considering that there are lots of gaps which may lead to your account’s suspension. Contact Got Suspended? if this unfortunate event ever takes place, and we will solve all issues within your Amazon business!