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If you’re reading our Amazon reinstatement service’s blogs, then you are probably suspended by Amazon. No worries, everything will be OK soon, because you already made the right step by visiting our Got Suspended? website! So, let’s talk about things that are strongly related to suspensions.

Today, we are going to talk about invoices and what Amazon wants to see when you send these documents to them. This is a very important topic, so make sure you’re tuned in! These are the documents that prove to Amazon where you purchase your products from, so gear up to know everything there is to know about invoices.

First of all, if you have ever been suspended because of inauthenticity issues, you have definitely seen the need for providing invoices in Amazon’s suspension email. Amazon does everything for its customers and their purchasing experience. That’s why you have to show the authenticity of the products you sell using invoices; if you don’t have them, then good luck! Amazon will need your invoices, if the quality, authenticity, condition and safety are in question. Where there is doubt, Amazon suspends sellers, so be careful!

Exemplary Invoice, What is It?

Numbers, They Matter!

First of all, an exemplary invoice should be dated within 1 year, more specifically, 365 days. Amazon will never accept invoices that are older than the established limit. So, if you have an invoice dated within, for example, two years, you will definitely fail at reinstating your Amazon seller account or you’ll have a hard time doing so! Amazon loves law and order, so if you breach even one rule, you will not only get suspended, but also have problems with reinstating your account.

Good Quality, Please!

Yes, good quality matters. Of course, Amazon can’t check the quality of the paper on which the invoice was printed, but it can do something else. Some of our clients (who were, by the way, successfully reinstated by us) did not think about the Seller Performance Team, and obviously, sent a poor-quality photo taken by their phone camera. This can be acceptable, if your camera’s pictures are high quality, clear and visible.

But if you have a scanner, it’ll be your best friend not just in the case of invoices, but other documents as well. It’s always a good idea to have one lying around. Don’t ever try to send to Amazon low-quality, illegible and indecipherable scans. They won’t like it, and we all know how the reinstatement attempt will end!

We’re Living in a Modern World Now!

Remember the times when invoices were just pieces of paper, on which everything was written with human hands, with a simple pen, with no printing? Well, those times have passed, and as you know, Amazon loves keeping pace with changes! So, if your supplier has sent you a handwritten invoice, just know that Amazon will probably give you the cold shoulder and leave your account in the wilds of Amazon suspensions. It’s quite obvious that Amazon may doubt the authenticity of your invoice, because suspended sellers are ready for everything to get their account back.

This is only the first part of the requirements you should meet before sending your invoice to Amazon. The final verdict depends not only on your appeal letter, your beautiful words and actions that you took, but also on the invoices. Stay tuned and Got Suspended Clients will open your eyes once again towards the world of invoices in the sequel to this article!