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Almost everyone knows that selling on Amazon is a game where the good guy Amazon is trying to protect its buyers from rogue sellers. However, one can hardly imagine how exhaustive selling on Amazon could be. Even a microscopic mistake can be a reason behind tremendous issues within the seller’s Amazon business.

From Our Practice

Got Suspended Clients team regularly faces hundreds of issues which have become the reasons behind many seller account deactivations. For example, one of our clients was suspended due to a related account suspension. After conducting a thorough investigation of this case, we found out that the reason of deactivation was hidden in using an email address which was used for running a much older Amazon account back in 2000. As you can see, the previous account was used nearly 20 years ago. However, it still had a negative impact on their current business.  Even if that account was used solely for selling something completely different, Amazon will suspend the present account without additional investigation.


Repetition is the Mother of Learning

We have raised this theme in our blogs numerous times. However, more novice sellers continue receiving related account suspensions, all thanks to using old Amazon accounts’ information. We will never tire of repeating: dear sellers, stop using any information from your previous Amazon accounts, including telephone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, name of the company you opened your account under, bank account, or credit card. All these aspects can become reasons behind your account’s deactivation. It doesn’t matter whether you were using your previous account many years ago. Amazon keeps all the information and can easily connect all your accounts with each other. Therefore, use completely new information for opening up a new Amazon account. Otherwise, you will have really serious issues with Jeff Bezos’s Seller Performance Team.


 And Again

If you face a related account suspension within your Amazon business, it is better to avoid sending any appeal letters without consulting professionals in this sphere. Remember that related account suspensions are considered to be some of the hardest ones, and we strictly recommend you to trust such kind of cases to professional reinstatement services like us at Got Suspended Clients. Our team of industry professionals can easily detect the reason of your account’s deactivation and provide you with a professional Plan of Action which will help you reinstate your selling privileges and get back on Amazon’s platform as a seller!