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“There was a problem. We cannot find an account with that email address.”

Could it be? Could customers get suspended on Amazon just like sellers do?

Well, Not Exactly…

Here at Got Suspended Clients, we usually don’t talk about buyer shutdowns, since we are an Amazon suspension appeal service and we handle cases where an Amazon seller has their seller account suspended. But, we figured we’d go over this particular topic as well! No harm was done, right?

It’s not classified under “suspension” when customers (also called buyers) get booted off Amazon. It’s not unheard-off from Amazon to shut down buyer accounts, and unlike seller accounts, when Amazon cuts customers off, it cuts them off for good. Amazon is a customer-friendly service and customer service is a top priority on its platform, so a customer must do something truly terrible for Amazon to kick them off its platform!

How can customers get kicked off of Amazon’s platform?

There are usually two scenarios:

  1. A brand or seller files a complaint against a buyer and has their account shut down. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but mostly its sellers suspecting buyers in doing a fraudulent activity which involves their products or sellers who file complaints because a buyer has returned a product or is asking for a refund. Obviously, a one-time return is not very problematic, but if a buyer continues to do it on a regular basis, a seller can file enough complaints, and eventually, Amazon will shut down the buyer account. There are two sides to every coin, however. If Amazon finds out that the buyer is being unjustly targeted, it’s the seller who will get the sticky end of the stick! So, here’s a tip from Got Suspended Clients to Amazon sellers: only file complaints when they are extremely necessary!
  2. Amazon itself decides to shut down a buyer account. This can in itself have a bunch of reasons. The buyer could have been involved in whatever illegal activity on Amazon’s marketplace, such as scamming or being paid to leave good reviews (read here to find out why review manipulations are a bad idea). Buyers who have a high return rate on purchased products (yes, there is a return rate!) can also be shut down by Amazon with no further justification. Another interesting scenario is the same person having multiple buyer accounts (similar to having multiple seller accounts which we talk about here) or multiple people opening buyer accounts using the same IP address. If one of them gets shut down for whatever reason, so will the others.

Can You Get A Shut Down Buyer Account Back?

Hmm, it’s very unlikely. As we said, Amazon loves its customers. So, imagine how bad the situation is for an Amazon BUYER to be kicked off! Plus, Amazon likes to keep its playing field squeaky clean, and it will have no mercy in shutting down accounts which it deems problematic. And sometimes, it has a right to do so. Buyers will sometimes purchase products, use them, and then send them back as returns. This damages sellers’ reputation and might even lead them to Amazon seller suspensions. Amazon doesn’t look kindly to this.

As you can see, it’s not just sellers who can come into conflict with Amazon’s policies, but buyers are equally susceptible to getting shut down on the platform. While Got Suspended Clients is an Amazon appeal service does not handle buyer shutdowns, suspended sellers are more than welcome to give us a call and we’ll help them reinstate their seller accounts!