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Have you ever heard about Amazon seller suspensions, reinstatement of your suspended account, or writing an appeal? Of course, you have! Almost every Amazon seller knows the word “suspended” by heart. And we think new sellers should be educated on every aspect of that word. You probably heard about verification suspensions when Amazon needs “more” information about your account. But what if you already provided Amazon with everything under the sun but still, they want more? What if it already turned out to be a wild goose chase? And finally, what is wrong with Amazon?

OK, let’s calm down for a second here.

Fact of the matter is, Amazon is very careful when it comes to changing details. Even if you are a seller with an excellent history, each and every order is fulfilled properly, and you are in your element. Let’s reveal a secret: DON’T changes anything without letting Amazon know, otherwise your every action will be like a red flag to a bull.

What is going through Amazon’s mind?

If you change a credit card, corporate entity, or bank account information, Amazon will catch you red-handed, even though you had no bad intentions, even though you have always been above board. Amazon is merciless, especially when things go sideways. Remember, Amazon is the host with the most and you are selling using its features.

What should you do?

  • First and foremost, you should show Amazon that you know the rules and you are acting fair and square when it comes to operating your business. To do so, send an email to Seller Performance, notifying that you want to make some changes in your account. Don’t just tell them what you want, show them why and when. They should see that you care, that selling on Amazon is not fun and games for you. Of course, selling can be a fun experience, but rules must be observed nevertheless.
  • Don’t do anything without receiving Amazon’s approval. Why? The answer is simple. They may ask you for additional information. If you change your information right after sending the email in and without waiting for Amazon’s response, you’ll luckily have your Amazon seller account suspended, which we all know is the worst-case scenario for any Amazon seller.

After Amazon gives you the go, you can easily make any changes you want. If somehow Amazon still suspends you, it will be easy to appeal the suspension. You have everything at your hand: proper information about your account, and screenshots serving as a poof that you have informed Amazon. However, if you can’t figure out the real reason for this suspension, we at Got Suspended are ready to help as we have regained many suspended accounts from Amazon’s grip. We do everything legally, not using templates but creating individual appeals for each of our clients. Let’s break the back of the beast together at Got Suspended.