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Sellers desire to have their career expanded with renewed vigor on Amazon, but many of them are kept in the dark about Amazon’s wild side, the one that keeps suspending its sellers. We have seen many cases when sellers panic because of Amazon’s notification coming as a bolt from the blue, after which they start writing an appeal and in the blink of an eye, it is ready.

If you think that suspension is the worst scenario, then you are sadly mistaken. That’s why we at Got Suspended highly recommend that you read our list of DON’Ts to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Who Said Legal Actions? DON’T Act Against Amazon.

Many of our clients are up in arms because of Amazon account suspensions. We have seen many sellers who wanted to take legal action against Amazon, which, cards on the table, is NOT the best idea. Every action will be used against you and you will be in Amazon’s bad books.

Rushing Never Saved the Time That Planning Did. DON’T Send Your POA Immediately!

As we already mentioned, it is important to take your time and plan the appeal. The Plan of Actions consists not only of beautiful words that can make a crocodile cry. It is about the examination of your account, detailed research you should undertake to figure out this problem. Got Suspended is a professional Amazon account reinstatement service that will craft an appeal tailored to defy your specific account suspension.

Another Account won’t Be a Good Idea. DON’T Create a New Account!

Many sellers decide to give up on getting their Amazon account reinstated, and they try their luck with setting up a new one. In fact, Amazon hates it when sellers infringe its policies, according to which you should have only one Seller Account. So, if you still decide to open a new account, you will be caught red-handed and you will need another Amazon reinstatement.

The Worst Crime is Faking. DON’T Fake Documents That Amazon Requires!

As we said, Plan of Actions doesn’t consist of just beautiful words designed to get Amazon accounts reinstated. It should include the reason of your suspension, undertaken measures, and required documents. Don’t fake invoices, utility bills, and other documentation Amazon wants you to send. Always be above board and show your true face. Remember, Amazon doesn’t want you to speak, it wants you to show.

Be Patient. DON’T Send Numerous Emails to Amazon!

Amazon is overwhelmed by millions of appeals per day, that’s why they can’t respond within a few hours or so. That is nearly impossible. No one ignores your appeal and you will receive the answer within a certain time period about which we also have a blog. In their strife to have their Amazon accounts reinstated, sellers send multiple appeals, each with different information. These sellers will face the chill wind of their actions because Amazon likes specifics and doesn’t look kindly on spammers.

In a nutshell, everything will be fine and close to your Amazon account’s reinstatement if you follow Got Suspended’s DON’Ts after getting notified about an Amazon account suspension. Unfortunately, many people don’t manage to read these tips and make unintentional mistakes. Even if this makes the situation worse, we at Got Suspended have solved many complicated cases for which we are over the moon. If you want to have your case handled by us, give us a call and our Got Suspended team of individuals will help you with flying colors.