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Back in April 2020, Amazon announced that sellers who want to run multiple accounts on Amazon do not need Amazon’s approval anymore. Most of the Amazon sellers prefer to have multiple accounts in order to protect themselves from unforeseen consequences such as Amazon seller suspensions.

If Amazon suspends one of their accounts, they can easily continue their business without worrying about the money that comes in. That being said, running multiple accounts is still pretty tricky. In order to avoid having your seller account suspended for using multiple accounts, we at Got Suspended advise you to build your business by the book.


We Are Playing by the Rules

First of all, if you have an existing Amazon account, your customer metrics should be in perfect condition. Secondly, you should separate all your information such as email address and bank account information from your first Amazon account.

However, you don’t need a separate business entity. Avoid selling the same products in both accounts. If you ignore these requirements and open a second account without Amazon’s permission, you are risking to lose both of your seller accounts. Amazon can easily detect the chain of your multiple accounts. But let’s not talk about the bad, and focus on the good:


What’s So Good About It?

Well, now you are a legitimate owner of two Amazon accounts. Then what?

By legally running multiple Amazon accounts on Amazon, you can drastically increase your profit and gain the reputation of a successful businessman, since most sellers have failed in this process. Having multiple accounts will open new doors in front of you, and you can enter completely new fields of an e-commerce business.

Another advantage of running multiple accounts is when Amazon suspends one of your accounts, you can safely move on with your second account without having colossal losses. One more benefit of having two Amazon accounts is that you can test yourself in a completely different business model and meet new challenges within your new business.


Contrary to the Rules

If you do not want to walk the line and decide to open the second Amazon Account without Amazon’s permission, keep in mind that Amazon is very good at detecting multiple accounts. As a rule, the main reasons for getting caught are using the same IP address, credit card information, bank account, name of the company, and so much more.


Parting Words

As you can see, Amazon can easily catch you off-guard; therefore, it’s better to avoid running multiple accounts without its permission. The problems you might face are very serious for your Amazon business. Multiple account suspension is one of the hardest issues for Amazon sellers, and sometimes it is too sophisticated to handle such kind of cases. At Got Suspended Amazon reinstatement service, we have great experience in reinstating linked accounts and are ready to assist you with your suspension any day!