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Once you are a seller who is at the summit of success, you understand that even earning a fortune can’t help you if you don’t manage to communicate with customers. It’s a big deal, especially when you are a seller on Amazon, who is literally required to respond to Amazon customers in a timely manner.

Because of ignoring customers, or reaching them late, you are exposed to the risk of having your seller account suspended, which will make your life ten times worse, especially when your business was already enjoying the fruits of your hard work.
When you are slowly adapting to your account, and finally starting to love the process of selling products, saying goodbye to your account seems like the worst thing in the world.

Our Amazon reinstatement service, Got Suspended?, knows that feeling very well, because we are all industry professionals and we’ve been through everything a seller could ever go through!

But let’s get back to work, and understand what we can do to reduce the response time, avoid losing Amazon customers, and stay away from Amazon seller account suspensions.

Option 1

You are a human being, who has a family, hobbies and the right to do all the things that are disconnected from your selling career. This means that sometimes you won’t be there to respond to your customers within 24 hours (in case of return requests, 48 hrs.), and it’s completely normal!

For this reason, you can use an Auto-Responder, which will automatically answer the messages sent to you.  The auto-responder can send a complicated and long text to your customers, but you don’t really need it. Just make sure your customers are aware of your absence, and that you have specific working hours.

This way Amazon customers won’t be frustrated by your negligence or inattentiveness, and you will get away from an Amazon account suspension!

Option 2

If you have experience of selling on Amazon, then you probably know that questions of customers are more or less similar, which makes everything ten times easier! Take your time, and concentrate your efforts on some writing. Gather all the similar and most popular questions you have ever noticed, and write the answers to them. This way you won’t waste time on responding to Amazon customers, and Amazon won’t reward you with an account suspension, easy as it is!

Option 3

Sort out all the requests and responses by categories. This will make your life more tranquil and stress-free, because now you will know which one is urgent and which one can wait.  Make some labels according to the criteria you decide for yourself. This way not only you, but also your staff will understand the concept of organized work, and consequently, will work the same way!

In other words, responding to your customers is a priority, because your account and your selling career highly depend on them and their opinion. So, be nice to them, and respond in a timely manner.

Customers, and especially Amazon customers are impatient, which makes it harder for sellers to meet the requirements and standards of Amazon. But with our tips, you will comply with Amazon, its policies, and its customers for sure! Our Amazon appeal service wishes you good luck, and a good selling career on Amazon. In case of questions and suspended accounts, we are happy to help our Got Suspended clients any day!