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Hello dear scary stories lovers, happy to see you again in our platform! Yes, we have a new portion of scary facts about selling on Amazon! We hope you enjoyed the first one!

When you are selling on Amazon, everything is possible. In this platform, monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They are just different from regular monsters and ghosts! And if you want to start your business on Amazon, you should consider that there are lots of skeletons in its closet. Today, we are going to concentrate on evil facts that rogue Amazon sellers use in order to kick you out from this platform.

Too Good to Be True!

One of the most common evil tactics used by Amazon sellers is when a customer orders a big quantity of the product, and makes you go out of the stock, especially during the holidays. As a rule, it is done by several unfair sellers who are operating on Amazon, and want to possess your Buy Box. After a while, they return this order. As a result, you lose both your sales for that special item, and a solid amount of money. All you can do is to stay away from large quantity orders, since, as practice shows, it is being done solely for cutting competition.


It Is Everything Amazon Seller Were Afraid of

One more evil strategy which is widely used by several bad sellers, is to leave negative feedback on your product.  This process is pretty simple: someone just buys one of your products, and leaves bad feedback on it. Therefore, you have to keep all the necessary records, proving that you are selling solely genuine products, and this complaint is completely baseless.

Or, they can also leave a bunch of positive reviews on your product, thereby arousing suspicion by Amazon. Thus, Amazon can easily suspend your seller account. You should strictly understand that it can costs you an arm and a leg to prove Amazon that you are innocent!


Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

Another scary fact which is very popular among the bad Amazon sellers, is trademarking other sellers’ names. Of course, you can easily prevent it by registering your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry program. However, most sellers do not pay enough attention to this fact, and end up ignoring it. As a result, they face really serious issues during their operation.


Your Worst Dream Comes True

Imagine a situation when somebody stole your Amazon listing; sounds scary, right? Unfortunately, it is true. This is common practice with rogue Amazon sellers. The main aim is to undercut you on Price with a counterfeit item. Amazon is full of unfair sellers who can sell bad quality products under your listing. As a result, you can get negative feedback from the users, or even worse, Amazon can suspend your selling privileges.

According to the above-mentioned, you can ensure that there are lots of scary stories, about selling on Amazon. However, you can easily circle around all of them, by cooperating with right people, like our Got Suspended Clients team. We are not only here to help you run a profitable and safe business on Amazon, but to also unfreeze your account from all types of Amazon suspensions!