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Okay, let’s get this straight! Which of us doesn’t like to listen horror stories through bleak winter nights? You might be surprised, but there are a number of horror stories about selling on Amazon They say: “we make up horrors to help us cope with real ones”. As usual, we at Got Suspended Clients are completely transparent with our readers, and do not come up with fake stories in order to catch your attention. We are just stating the truth, by adding a little bit of horror flakes here and there. So, do you want to play game? Here we go.

They Live Inside Amazon and Sometimes, They Win!

Entering into the Amazon market can be very simple; at the same time, it is too hard for the Amazon seller to stay afloat in this platform, since you have to live side-by-side with a huge stream of competitors. Additionally, you should be ready that Chinese sellers are confidentially leading the pack of Amazon. Your main mission is to keep an optimal balance in your pricing, and concentrate on building your private label branded product in order to differ from the huge masses.


It’s Everything You Ever Were Afraid Of

Based on experience in the reinstatement sphere, we can confidently say that one of the worst things which could happen to the seller is getting a suspension by Amazon. That’s because you are risking not only losing your seller privileges, but also not having access to your Amazon account until your account’s reinstatement. There are a huge number of scenarios which may lead to your account’s deactivation. Therefore, you should be very careful, since even a minor mistake can be fatal for your Amazon business. Fraud suppliers, fake products, delays in shipping, damaged products, mismatching information, and many other factors may become the silent assassins who will get your account suspended!


On Amazon, No One Can Hear Your Scream

It’s true; the suspended Amazon account reinstatement process is a real nightmare for most Amazon sellers. The main reason is that they are trying to solve the issue by themselves, thus adding fuel to the fire. Or they fall in fraudulent reinstatement companies’ hands, who only offer empty promises. As a result, suspended sellers suffer without even understanding how to deal with this problem. Makes you wonder, is an Amazon appeal service worth it? You bet it is!


Only Amazon Sets the Rules

Another scary fact about operating on Amazon is that once Amazon notices that you are selling products with higher prices than your competitors, it will force you to cut your prices. Otherwise, you losing your Buy Box rotation which may lead to serious loses in your business. So, there is no other way than obeying Amazon’s rules or just leaving its platform.


In light of all this information, you can see that sometimes Amazon can be very cruel, by privileging its customers over the sellers. Hence, you should be very careful, since Bezos’ creation can pull out the rug from under you anytime. In contrast with other reinstatement companies, Got Suspended Clients will reinstate your suspended account within a short period of time, depending on your unique case. We don’t make promises which we can’t keep! This is exactly what sets us apart from our competitors. Contact us right now, and we will vaporize all your fears about selling on Amazon!