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At this time, everybody knows that Amazon becomes quite strict when it comes to its customers. Especially when sellers try to implement different unfair tactics in order to gain the attention of more customers.

Amazon Review Manipulation

It is considered to be one of the most popular reasons for getting suspended on this platform. The main idea of this process is that a seller contacts a customer and ask them to leave a review in exchange of a free product. It is wise to mention that Amazon has very strict policies in place against manipulating reviews on its platform; once it finds out that you are engaged in such kinds of deals, both your review section and your Amazon account will immediately be deactivated by Amazon.

In order to protect our readers from this type of Amazon suspension, Got Suspended Clients are going to provide you with several tips for avoiding a review manipulation suspension within your Amazon business. You can also read this blog where we talk about the main types of Amazon reviews and ways to get suspended.


Tip #1 Do Not Use Buyers’ Private Information!

As an Amazon seller, you should strictly understand that you are not allowed to contact your buyers by using their private information such as email address, or a phone number. That’s because the consequences can be quite disastrous; Amazon will not only suspend your seller account, but also can withhold your payments. Moreover, you can be involved in legal actions.

Tip #2 Be Careful with Wording!

Of course, you can ask your buyers to provide you with a review, but here are several vital rules that you should keep in mind. You have to be extra careful with wording that you use when you communicate with your customers. For example, if you use phrases such as “if you were satisfied please leave a review” it will be considered as a manipulation in Amazon’s eyes.

Tip #3 Permitted Ways!

There are several ways through which you can get reviews from your customers and not be afraid of getting suspended for review manipulation policy violation:

  • Keep in mind that you should not put much effort into this process, you can just ask your customers to leave a review in a neutral manner.
  • Once you have shipped an order to your customers, you can send a confirmation email and ask a customer whether they have any questions concerning the order. If your customer did not answer it, you can send another one after a while.
  • Show both Amazon and your customer that you are looking for an honest review.
  • Use Amazon Feedback Software which allows you to automate the entire process of getting review from your buyers. Additionally, you should not be worried about facing an Amazon suspension within this process. Do not forget to read this blog about review manipulation suspension.


How to Avoid Review Manipulation Suspension!

Here are the main steps that you should avoid during your operation, in order not to face a review manipulation suspension within your operation on Amazon.

  • Do not use different accounts for leaving positive reviews on your page.
  • Do not use your account’s information for creating multiple Amazon accounts. In this case, you will receive a linked account suspension. Read this blog and you will learn how to avoid Linked account suspension within your business.
  • Do not misrepresent your product; provide buyers with fair instructions concerning your products.
  • Do not offer your buyers “thank you gifts”, since it will also be considered as review manipulation.

If you have had your Amazon account suspended for review manipulation, do not worry! Got Suspended Clients will be able to reactivate Amazon seller account within no time. Contact our team and we will provide you with a carefully drafted Amazon appeal letter based on your unique information in order to get your Amazon account reinstated. You can visit our website where you can not only find the stories of sellers who get their Amazon account reinstated due to the efforts of Got Suspended Clients, but also read lots of interesting and informative blogs concerning Amazon.