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Getting suspended from a Walmart or Amazon seller account can be a nightmare for sellers. It can result in a loss of sales, profits, and reputation. Here are some tips on how to avoid getting suspended from a Walmart or Amazon seller account:

Read and Understand the Seller Agreements: Sellers should read and understand the seller agreements on Walmart and Amazon. They should adhere to the policies, guidelines, and requirements outlined in these agreements.

Monitor Performance Metrics: Sellers should monitor their performance metrics, including customer feedback, order defect rate, and late shipment rate. They should strive to maintain high performance metrics to avoid account suspension or termination.

Provide Accurate Product Listings: Sellers should provide accurate product listings, including descriptions, images, and pricing. They should ensure that their products comply with Walmart and Amazon’s policies on prohibited items, product identifiers, and intellectual property.

Respond Promptly to Customer Inquiries and Complaints: Sellers should provide excellent customer service and respond promptly to customer inquiries and complaints. They should also follow Walmart and Amazon’s policies on customer service.

Use Walmart and Amazon’s Tools and Services: Sellers should use Walmart and Amazon’s tools and services to manage their orders, analyze their performance, and optimize their listings. This can help sellers maintain high performance metrics and avoid account suspension or termination.

Comply with Local, State, and Federal Laws: Sellers should comply with local, state, and federal laws, including tax laws and consumer protection laws. They should collect and remit sales tax where required and ensure that their products meet safety standards and comply with product liability laws.

Seek Professional Advice: Sellers who are unsure about any obligations or implications related to selling on Walmart or Amazon should seek professional advice. This can help them avoid violations of the seller agreements and possible account suspension or termination.

In conclusion, avoiding account suspension or termination on Walmart and Amazon requires adherence to the seller agreements, monitoring performance metrics, providing accurate product listings and excellent customer service, using platform tools and services, complying with local, state, and federal laws, and seeking professional advice when needed. By following these tips, sellers can maintain a positive reputation and increase sales and profits on these platforms.

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