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Amazon is largely comprised of lawful sellers who sell only genuine products. However, many brands are continuing to file baseless counterfeit complaints against Amazon sellers in order to thrust higher prices on people who purchase products.

Sometimes brands do not understand how much damage they can cause by filling false counterfeit complaints. It’s not just a suspension that will hit these sellers. If the sellers are relatively small, a suspension could mean the end of their career. Amazon sellers who find themselves facing false counterfeit complaints can fight fire with fire under two legal claims. Let’s discuss these here at Got Suspended Clients since our Amazon account appeal service is well-equipped to handles these issues.

Defamation and Defamation Per Se

One of the legal claims that Amazon sellers can use against brands who file baseless complaints is defamation. Merriam Webster defines defamation as “the act of communicating false statements about a person that injure the reputation of that person.” The person mentioned here could very well be a business entity.

Defamation Per Se is the baseless accusation that holds that you are engaging in a crime, by knowingly selling counterfeit products.

When It Comes to Contracts

The next legal claim that brands file against Amazon sellers for selling counterfeit products is interference with the contract. A claim for intentional interference is used when the brand interferes with the Amazon seller’s contract with Amazon, based on the accusation of selling goods that are not genuine.

After breaking down legal claims for suspended sellers, the following has to be observed:

  • A valid contract, which allows you to sell on Amazon.
  • The third party is aware that you were selling on Amazon.
  • The brand knowingly issued a complaint against you, and Amazon suspended your selling privileges based on that complaint.
  • You lost sales due to the false accusation received from the brand for selling counterfeit products.

If you have received a false accusation complaint from a brand stating that you are selling not genuine products, but all your items are truly genuine, it can be considered as defamation. Do not hesitate and contact Got Suspended Clients immediately. Our Amazon appeal service can help you collect the damages caused by these false accusations and solve this legal issue in a prompt manner. It is better to avoid any actions without consulting a lawyer since it is a legal issue, and every wrong step can be used against you. Feel free to contact us, and we will not only reinstate you selling privileges but also give you guidance on how to avoid such kind of painfully nuanced and time-intensive issues.