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Sense of Suspension: A Scent You Won’t Forget

By April 12, 2021No Comments

Perfume! It is an essential part of your identity and the final touch of your style. It has a magical power at making people admire you, and it helps you recall happy moments of your life. It is a perfect way of presenting yourself.

Undoubtedly, perfume is one of the bestselling products on Amazon. Therefore, there are lots of sellers who successfully sell perfume products on this platform. Today, we are going to walk you through the incredible perfume journey, and tell you about the most vital aspects of selling fragrances on Amazon.

Category of Beauty!

The beauty category on Amazon is one of the most popular product categories among Amazon’s customers. It is the first most purchased category among buyers who shop on Amazon every day. According to several researches, nearly 60% of the women in the United States buy a new perfume once a month, and men buy it twice a year.

Scented to Kill

Everybody wants to smell good. The market of perfume is really wide, since the audience of users is enormous; everybody use perfume, including both men and women, teenagers and older generations. But, you should keep in mind that selling perfume on the e-commerce marketplace is not so easy, since customers want to smell the perfume before buying it. Unfortunately, Amazon does not have this option yet (even though it allows sample testing for some products), and so, we have to find other ways of catching your customers’ attention to your products. Try to pay more attention to important aspects such as images and descriptions. Your main mission is to entice your customers to feel the fragrance from the other side of the screen.

Try to provide your customer with all the details concerning the product, including compositions, notes, and associations. Another important aspect refers to your product’s image, since the entire success of your product depends on the carefully chosen product image. Try to ensure that you accompany your product with high-quality and eye-catching pictures in order to attract your customers’ attention and make them feel the sense of your products virtually.

About Risks!

If you intend to start selling perfume through your Amazon account, you should strictly understand that along with good profit, comes big problems.

Every day, hundreds of sellers get suspended for violating other brands’ Intellectual Property. The main reason is that they sell products of famous brands without getting their authorization. As a result, they find their accounts suspended by Amazon. If you want to avoid such issues within your operation, then we strictly recommend that you reach out to the brand and get their permission for selling their products through your Amazon account. In this case, you reduce the risks of getting suspended by Amazon, and can concentrate on other crucial aspects within your business. But, if you decide to go down the wrong path, and sell perfume without the brands’ permission, you will find yourself in the red, since you have to deal with one of the hardest types of Amazon suspensions. You can also read this blog about how to sell cosmetics on Amazon without getting your seller account suspended.


First of all, you should keep in mind that an Intellectual Property suspension is one of the most difficult ones to reinstate, since you have to negotiate both with Amazon and the complainant party. Your first step should be reaching out to the brand and ask it to withdraw its complaint. You have to put all your effort in order to persuade them to withdraw their complaint, since your chances of getting reinstated are quite low without this step. We also suggest that you read this blog about IP complaints.

Let’s say you have managed to persuade the brand to withdraw its complaint. Now, your main job is to negotiate with Amazon. You should show Amazon that “Look, we reached out to the brand, and solved the issue.” Show Amazon that you have changed the entire way of your operation and from now on, you will work solely with authorized distributors.

How We Can Help You!

Got Suspended Client’s is an acknowledged leader in account’s reinstatement, since we have a prestigious place in this field. We are able to reinstate all the types of Amazon suspensions within a few days. You can visit our website where you can find reinstatement stories from our clients. Additionally, there are lots of useful blogs which will help you run a profitable and successful business on Amazon.