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On the first of September 2020, Amazon sellers faced a new issue since Amazon started to disclose sellers’ private information. We have talked about this topic in the first part of our blogwhere we went into detail about all the important aspects of this issue.  As a result, thousands of sellers rushed to find ways to avoid this fate at any cost.

Recently, we have started to receive thousands of cases from our clients being suspended for related accounts. You may probably wonder how these two options are linked together.

The main reason is that the biggest part of Amazon sellers considers opening a second Amazon account as the only way of avoiding this issue. It does not matter whether you want to open another account in your friends or your grandmas’ names, Amazon will detect it in any case and you will double your problems by receiving a multiple account suspension. However, there are some cases when Amazon allows having  multiple accounts, and you can find more information about this by reading  this blog.

Of course, if you are an Amazon seller who is running his business fairly, you should not worry about being disclosed by Amazon. But there are some cases when sellers face issues with the brands,  unfair sellers, or even worse, crazy customers who are not satisfied with the service you provide. In this case, it may cause really serious reasons for concern, since both you and your family will be in the red. That all sounds way too dramatic, but it something you need to keep in mind.

That’s why you should be extra careful, and make only deliberate steps in your business. First of all, you should devote a considerable amount of time in order to detect all the gaps within your operation. Keep in mind that you should now concentrate on providing a fair and high-quality service to your customer.


One of the first things that you have to do is to go through your performance metrics in order to understand whether everything is going smooth there or not. Try to pay special attention to negative feedbacks, since as practice shows, the root cause of every issue is hidden in your customers’ feedbacks. Also, you have to figure out whether there are no delays in your shipping which can also become a reason of your customer’ dissatisfaction. You can find more information about how to keep a perfect balance in your Order Defect Rate metrics here.

It’s All about Right Suppliers

As you can see, providing a high-quality customer service may drastically reduce the possibilities of facing serious issues with your customers. Unfortunately, there are some cases when due to the lack of experience, Amazon sellers are working with unauthorized distributors, and get Intellectual Property complaints from the real brands. In this case, we strictly recommend that you cooperate solely with a legal attorney who will handle this issue. That’s because most Intellectual Property complaints are completely baseless, and have the aim of cutting competition. Therefore, it is very important to handle such kind of cases under the supervision of a professional attorney, who will take care of your personal safety.

As you can see, opening up a second Amazon account with another information is not an option for avoiding both Amazon and unwelcome people. That’s because it may cause more serious issues within your Amazon business. If you want to get more information on this topic, or maybe you have already faced an Amazon suspension, contact us and we will help you return your selling privileges and recover your business ASAP. Find more information on our services by going through our website, where you can find tons of useful blogs referring to selling on Amazon.


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  • alex says:

    2020 was a really terrible year for us, we got all our selling acount colsed by amazon, ebay becasue small techicnal things, we have a lot of inventory and start to look around what we can do, we where lucky there is a lot of places to sell, i like one, but its not the only one, its call jewffer if you had a bad record you should try it

  • Ernesto says:

    i was banned from sell in amazon and ebay, and then start to wonder what else can i do! then i start to look up for new places to sell, i found a lot of them, but the best whitout a doubt its