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Suppliers are everywhere, no matter where you’re operating in. And, let’s be honest, you need them to have a successful and profitable business, unless you’re the brand or manufacturer. However, you’re not going to dance on the air if you knew that fake suppliers could turn your life into a red and thirsty hell, because their false sophistication can lead you to an Amazon account suspension. Yes, they are able to do so, and however ironic it is, you are the one who takes the heat!

There are many ways you can go about checking the authenticity of a supplier, and this shouldn’t be hush-hush for anyone. This is especially important when you are willing to establish relationships with Chinese suppliers, since “Made in China” associates with fake and rogue actions, which is why you should always double-check and measure your every step to avoid opening up that can of worms.

We’re not saying that all Chinese products are inauthentic, however, experience shows that there are quite a few of them out there!

Now, what should you do to avoid fake Chinese suppliers and terrible consequences?

On the Search for Suppliers: Search Engines Help You

After choosing a Chinese supplier, it’s time to do a mini-research and work with search engines. Search your supplier, find their website and look for their information. Normally, this information is located at the bottom of the website. “The internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box,” where you can find comments, reviews and feedback from other sellers like yourself, who had the experience of working with that supplier. Don’t worry, if that supplier is fake or a scammer, you will most likely find out.

Look at their experience, and make sure they have some knowledge and practice in this industry, because “nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.” Look at their activity; if they are real and reputable suppliers, they are most likely to participate in trade shows, and be very active to showcase and highlight their credibility and trustworthiness.

In Phone Calls We Trust

You found supplier’s information, so use it wisely and make some phone calls to identify their true intentions. Fake suppliers usually leave a mobile phone number, which is often the owner’s. Calling a supplier’s landline will be a great idea.  To check the credibility of the provided information, you should know some basics:

  1. The country code of this country – 86
  2. The area code of this country – a two-digit number (with the help of this, you will be able to check the location)
  3. Telephone number – 8 digits

Time for Documentation

In this business, everything needs to be documented, otherwise no one would believe your credibility and reliability. Just like every business, they should be officially registered with the government. As a result of registration, they become owners of exclusive company registration numbers without which they lack identity. If they don’t have any identifiers, it’s best to stay away.

Moreover, real suppliers won’t be against sending you their bank’s reference letters or even previous customers’ information, because this way you will get an opinion from another party, which is more objective and reliable.

Documentations are indeed important, even in the legal area. This is the reason you should always check your supplier with the Chinese Supreme Court, to understand whether your supplier has problems with its legal responsibilities.

Physical Products Are Always Better!

Verify your supplier by ordering sample products, and check their quality. This is the best way to confirm their trustworthiness. Much depends on this order, because even in this situation their real face will show up. Tell them that you want to send the money to their bank account; if they don’t provide you with one, something is fishy!

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