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Before the actual problem, let us remind you that In Search of The Truth is a series of blogs where you can find all the common problems Amazon sellers are facing, and how they overcome those difficulties. What’s so original about these articles? They are based on true stories from Amazon seller forums, and can be related to practically any person who is selling on Amazon!

Now let’s get down to business, and understand which problem we found today!

As you know, Amazon treats its sellers so badly, that sometimes they quit, or simply give up. Almost every Amazon seller is afraid of one’s shadow, especially when they hear about Amazon suspensions, and how they affect sellers’ life and career! But this time, Amazon’s changes have affected sellers even more! Why? Well, if you haven’t written our blog about the latest changes, we will shortly describe the situation.

What’s Going on Inside Amazon’s Head?

One day, Amazon decided to make a change, and turned the first day of autumn 2020 a horrible day for all sellers of Amazon! On this very day, Amazon decided to make the private information of sellers transparent for everyone! Why? Your guess is as good as ours!

All your personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, and email address will be visible for the public on your Amazon page, and that’s not very good! What if you face hardships in your business, and at that time furious customers or brands decide to use your information against you? What if you violate the MAP agreements (you shouldn’t!), and brands decide to settle the issues in person? Everything including your address is visible on Amazon, and that’s not funny at all!  But don’t panic, we have a solution!

What Sellers Think About This Issue?

“…I make less than $20K in yearly unadjusted gross sales, and fewer than 200 transactions. I’m not a brick-and-mortar business. So if the IRS knows this information, why does everyone have to know who and where I am? What do I do to rectify this?”

This is unfortunately a serious question, which unfortunately doesn’t have a good solution: you just can’t change it, it’s how Amazon works! But there’s one thing that you can do for sure, and we will get to that later! But now, let’s read another opinion found in the seller forum.

“I agree with you… Amazon may change its’ tune after being sued by a business person who is attacked, stolen from or killed for what they have at their property for sharing information about individual sellers who do not have LLC protection.”

And There Was Also Some Humor…

“Move 2300 miles away and let the new homeowners worry about it. you get a new view and stay incognito. jk…”

And what’s more interesting, some sellers defended Amazon: strange, isn’t it?

“Because you’re deemed a business on Amazon. And businesses should disclose their info. That’s how it works. Sorry if I don’t commiserate but it is what it is.”

Some Were Ready to Adapt…

“I agree, I don’t like it either. However, there are a lot of things Amazon does I don’t like or agree with. Doesn’t change the fact that those who built this marketplace, which we all choose to willingly to participate in, get to make the rules. I get it but this isn’t a democracy”

Okay, now that you know what sellers think, how do YOU feel? Are you worried? No, no and no! Don’t panic! If you dive deeper, you’ll understand that your information was always visible: Amazon just made it a little bit available, if we can say that!

We at Got Suspended Clients will help you overcome your fear of Amazon and disclosed information, and operate a healthy and safe business on Amazon. Apart from helping you appeal the suspension, we also have something for you that can protect your account from furious sellers and irritated brands.

  • Monitor your account health metrics every single day.
  • Love your customers, and respond them in the politest way you can imagine.
  • Work with authorized suppliers who are authorized directly by the brand.
  • Pay attention to your pricing, and never violate agreements that you have with the brand.

See? It’s quite easy to be an exemplary seller on Amazon: you just have to follow its policies. If you feel that your account metrics are not in a good condition, and your account will be eventually suspended, contact us: let’s be ready for suspensions together!