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Inauthentic Account Suspensions on Amazon: Ways to Avoid Them, Ways to Deal with Them

By June 11, 2021No Comments

At this time, every Amazon seller knows that one of the most common types of Amazon suspensions is an inauthentic one. That’s because there are lots of reasons which may trigger an inauthentic suspension within your operation on Amazon. Today, the Got Suspended Clients team is going to tell you everything concerning Inauthentic suspensions, and the main ways through which you can reactivate Amazon seller account privileges from this suspension.

Fasten your seatbelts, since we are going to have a long trip to the interesting and confusing world of Inauthentic suspensions!


Main Reasons!

As an Amazon seller, you should be aware of the fact that an Inauthentic suspension does not necessarily mean that you sell fake products. In reality, there are lots of reasons which may cause an inauthentic suspension.


Missing Invoices!

One of the main reasons for getting an Inauthentic suspension is missing invoices, which serve as proof that your goods are coming solely from valid suppliers. Keep in mind that Amazon can ask you to provide invoices at any time; so, you have to be sure that you have valid invoices and letters of authorization at hand in order to show that you work solely with reliable suppliers. You can read this blog where you can find detailed information about Amazon’s main requirements concerning invoices.


Unauthorized Suppliers!

Another common reason which can lead to an Inauthentic suspension is working with unauthorized suppliers. Even if you source 100 percent genuine products, the fact that your suppliers are not authorized to sell these products can become a reason for receiving an Amazon suspension. Therefore, you have to be extra careful when it comes to choosing suppliers with whom you are going to work. Read this blog and you will learn how to identify fake suppliers in your business.


Damaged Products!

When you send the order to your customer, try to make sure that it has proper packaging and the customer will receive it without any damages. Keep in mind even minor scratches on an authentic product can become a reason for getting suspended for inauthentic claims. In order to avoid such kinds of issues, we strictly recommend that you start using the FBA fulfillment method since it is the best way for fulfilling your orders without any damages. You can contact our partners from Jerome Basilio’s team and their Amazon management service will help you start an FBA business within a few days. Do not miss our blog about the most common mistakes made by new FBA sellers.


Pure Packaging!

Did you know that even a damaged packaging of your product can lead to your Amazon account’s suspension? Unfortunately, it is true! If your customer receives an order in a damaged box, they can complain about it and Amazon starts taking actions against you. We suggest that you also read this blog about the importance of proper packaging.


As you can see, there are lots of ways to receive an Inauthentic suspension on Amazon. So, you have to be extra careful with lots of aspects within your business. However, if you have already received an Inauthentic suspension within your Amazon business, do not panic and contact Got Suspended Clients ASAP. Our Amazon Reinstatement Service can help you reactivate your seller account within a few days. If you have had your Amazon account suspended for any reason, our team is able to return your selling privileges back within no time. It does not matter whether you have issues such as Multiple Amazon seller accounts or Intellectual Property Complaints, give us a call and you will be able to continue your business on Amazon.

We suggest that you visit our website where you can learn how to become an Amazon bestseller and find lots of blogs talking about how to get Amazon seller account privileges reinstated. Additionally, you can read lots of stories of successful Amazon sellers who have returned their selling privileges back due to the efforts of Got Suspended Clients reinstatement service.