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Summertime, a season for rebirth and new beginnings. Every summer has its own story; some good, some bad, some you wish to forget.

Summertime is up ahead, and we should start preparing for the best season of the year full of love, joy, and sun right now. Most people intend to spend an unforgettable vacation during this summer; therefore, they start collecting the necessary stuff in advance. The main reason is that due to COVID-19, there might be delays in shipping processes; so, in order to avoid possible issues, people prefer to order their summer goods in advance.

If you are an Amazon seller who intends to turn good money during this period of hot sales, you should first figure out which products are bestsellers on Amazon in Summer.

Today, Got Suspended Clients are going to bring to your attention a list of summer goods which are definitely going to fly during summer.

Beach Towels

As practice shows, most people prefer to spend nearly 2 hours at the beach. And one of the most necessary items that people take with them is a beach towel. So, you can take a closer look at this item, since it is one of the bestselling products which is extremely popular during summer.

Beach Bags

Beach bag is another popular product which is considered to be one of the bestselling ones among Amazon’s sellers. However, try to make sure that your product meets the following requirements: it is waterproof and has small outer pockets for different stuff such as sunglasses and phones. Double check the waterproof part! You don’t want sellers finding their belongings wet because the product wasn’t actually waterproof!


Swimsuits are considered to be one of the bestselling products among Amazon’s customers during spring-summer periods. Here also, you have to ensure that the product has a variety of colors, different sizes, it is soft to touch and dries quickly.


This type of products is equally popular both during summer as well as winter, and during other seasons. However, when you deal with this kind of product, try to make sure that you source your goods solely from the brands or their authorized distributors. In this case, you can avoid issues such as Intellectual Property complaints, which can become a reason for your account’s deactivation. If you are not familiar  with an Intellectual Property suspension, you can read this blog where you can find detailed information concerning this type of  Amazon suspension.

Water No-Slip Shoes

These shoes are must-have for going to the beach, since it is the best way for keeping your feet safe during games, swimming or fishing.

Waterproof Phone Cases

Getting a waterproof case is the best way to protect your smartphone from water, ice, and dirt. Additionally, it is the perfect solution for those who are fond of underwater shooting.

Beach Umbrellas

Extra large umbrellas are also very popular during summer. People want to have a rest on the beach, but do not want to be hurt by the sun. Therefore, these large umbrellas are a perfect solution to have a good rest without damaging your health.

Sunscreen Cremes and Oils

Sunscreen is must have for those who like to spend an endless amount of time laying on the beach. That’s because it does not only protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, but also provides you with the perfect tan.


We have brought to your attention only a few products that are especially popular among Amazon’s customers during summer. In reality, there are far more products that you can confidently sell during the summer period.

However, before souring goods from your customers, try to make sure that you work with brands or their authorized distributors, since not doing so is a magnet for issues such as inauthentic or Intellectual Property suspensions. You can read this blog which will help you understand what an Inauthentic suspension is and how you can avoid it during your operation on Amazon.

Also keep in mind that seasonal products might not sell as well when they are not in season anymore. So, try to make sure your stock is just enough for the season, and you are not left with a large number of items which you cannot sell. We all know what happens in this scenario!

One big question left to answer: how can you get your account reinstated if you meet suspensions during your operation? The answer is pretty clear, if you find your Amazon account suspended, all you need to do is reach out to Got Suspended Client’s team and we will bring your selling privileges back within no time. Additionally, we will provide you with a bunch of advice concerning how to run your business on Amazon and how to appeal Amazon suspension. You can go through our website where you can not only find information about our services, but also lots of useful blogs which will help you succeed in your Amazon business.