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If you want money, you must work hard to earn it. This is the exact reason why everyone around the world tends to sell on one of the biggest goldmines in the e-commerce world – Amazon. This is a place to get the best of both worlds: to enjoy what you are doing and earn money at the same time! However, Amazon can be a labyrinth, which is why sellers all around the world take a calculated risk knowing about dangers involved, namely Amazon seller suspensions. To know more about risks for international sellers, let’s go infiltrate the e-commerce world with this Got Suspended Clients blog and explore all the possible avenues.

All sellers know that selling on Amazon is fraught with danger, which is why you should be ready for anything: the road to Amazon is full of twists and turns.

Amazon has special regulations concerning international sellers. First of all, when you are intending to sell on Amazon in a country outside your business location, these regulations should be taken seriously, since no one wants to find their seller account suspended straight away. Within these rules, you need to provide a bank account in a country supported by Amazon in order to get paid. If you really want to get to know Amazon, you should literally scan their laws and policies to the last letter. To be on the safe side, let’s make everything clear.

Inside and Outside Rules

What Amazon appreciates the most is law and order. By saying the law, consider not only rules made by the government but also Amazon’s policies which are sometimes even stricter than the latter concept of law. This is exactly why you should know the rules of your country and compare them with the ones crafted by Amazon. Some products that can be welcomed in your country can be simply inadequate for Amazon. Make sure you checked it out before it’s too late.

Ship Them Right Every Time!

Another thing you should think about is the delivery of your products. Customer service is something sacred for Amazon, which is why your business should be built on this principle. If you want to sell on Amazon then you have to give accurate information concerning the location from which you will be shipping your product, together with a clearly defined shipping address and the shipping times from your location. Customers should be satisfied with their purchase which should be handed to them on time and in one piece, otherwise, your seller account will be suspended because of negative feedback from unsatisfied customers.

Language Matters!

You should be able to communicate with Amazon’s customers with the language they are speaking. If anything, you should respond in a timely manner with a text full of politeness and understanding. Nothing is more appreciated than the customer. When in Amazon, do as Amazonians do.

Target Your Products

Apart from suspensions, here is advice. Do a mini-market research and decide what you want to sell. If item X is perfectly sold in your country, it doesn’t mean that the country you will be selling it will have the same demand for the same product. A small investigation in search engines will help you find the best product for the specific country you’re interested in.

In short, ask for what you want to do. If it includes selling on Amazon despite the suspended seller accounts and numerous types of suspensions, then take the risk and don’t be afraid to fail, as Got Suspended Clients has your back. We’ll boost you back if you ever get yourself suspended on Amazon’s platform!