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Welcome to Part 2 of Descriptions That Kill!

If you are here, it means that you want to improve your Amazon business. We are continuing our mission of providing main tips on how to create the best description for selling products on Amazon. We have already talked about several useful methods here. Today, we are going to introduce you even more tips about how to create a high-quality description for your products.


Include Technical Details

There is a special category of buyers who prefers to see additional technical details before buying a product. Go deeper in your product description, by giving your customer full information about the product. This will positively influence your credibility, and inspire confidence in your customers.

Add Images: Looks That Kill

A carefully-created description is not only about the words. Visual elements also play a key role in this process. Thus, images are crucial part of product’s description. Try to include in your description images from different angles. Also, pay special attention to the pictures which show the product in use. Your main job is to make feel customers like they want to be the hero in your images.


In Movement

Another vital part of your description is video tutorials of your product. Of course, you cannot always include this, but it is a great tool! It will help you be more real in your customers’ eyes, and make them trust you as a seller. Once you gain their trust, you can be 99% sure that they will buy your product.


The Power of Reviews

One of the best ways to catch your customers’ attention, is to show them another users’ opinion. They always want to know what other buyers think about this product. By reading a few positive reviews and looking at the product in use, your customer will confidently pitch in!


Just Mix It

Once you have implemented all the above-mentioned methods, start playing around with them. Try to create a unique system for writing a product description. You should create a template of the best description, in order to have a high-quality template for your future products. However, you should keep pace with the time by being flexible, since you are dealing with a marketplace that changes in the blink of an eye. In view of all information mentioned above, we can surely claim that if you want to run a successful business on Amazon, you should be aware of the changes inside this market, and fully understand what is important. Do not forget that you are selling a fantasy through the product’s description, the main goal of which to make customers dream about the described product.


In the flow of information, you should not forget about your account’s safety. Got Suspended Clients strictly recommends you to register your trademark in order to protect your business from any possible IP issues. Also, you should be extra careful in choosing pictures and words, and stay away from any duplications in your business. Otherwise, you will have Intellectual Property issues both with Amazon and the complainant party!