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The Main Principles of Jeff Bezos’ Empire

Amazon is considered to be one of the most popular and profitable companies and is leading the pack in e-commerce for over 20 years. Amazon created nearly 14 leadership principles that all the employees have to follow strictly. There is a chain of specific rules that each of the sellers have to abide by if they want to become a part of this empire.

Intrigued yet? This Got Suspended blog will make sure you are! Let’s dive deep and try to figure out all the nuances of this business.

Do Not Ignore Performance Metrics

Amazon has strict requirements concerning performance metrics, established from leadership principles.

All you need is keeping your performance metrics inside Amazon requirements, and try to follow these three metrics:

  • Do your best to provide the best service to the customer. Especially, try to concentrate on ODR, which includes A-Z guarantee claim rate, negative feedback rate, and chargeback rate.
  • Try to fulfill orders on time. Actually, don’t try. DO fulfill them on time.
  • Check your account health board in a timely manner.

It Is All About Listings

Different sellers can offer the same product, and a listing override can happen at any time. Someone who has access to your account can change the description of your product, which can lead to such a problem as sending the wrong product to shoppers. If Amazon finds out about this, your seller account would be suspended. Try to show Amazon that you are taking actions and control your online store diligently. It is better to delete prohibited products, in order to avoid suspension of your Amazon account.

Be in Touch With Both Amazon and Your Costumers

Try to be more communicative; do not avoid your costumers. Respond to all the reviews, even the negative ones. Also, you should be in the right relationship with Amazon’s policy team; do not ignore notifications from the Amazon team.

Do Not Be Afraid of Taking the First Steps

If you want to identify any issues within your business in its early stage and not wait until Amazon notifies you about your account suspension, do not be afraid to contact Amazon first. You can gain Amazon’s trust and show that you recognize the errors in your business. However, if you receive this scary notification about your account suspension, you have to contact the Amazon account manager promptly. Your second step should be drafting the Amazon seller account suspended appeal.

Fall into A Good Pattern

Keep in mind that you have to treat Amazon like your best costumer. Remember that selling on Amazon is the best privilege for you if you wish to shoot for success on e-commerce. There is no other e-commerce platform that can provide you with 300 million consumers worldwide. Do your best not to go off track, since tomorrow is always full of promise, and hope springs eternal.