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Like most children who wait for the holiday seasons with excitement for sweets and presents, Amazon sellers are waiting for Q4 with equal excitement!

All Amazon sellers are clearly aware that Q4 is the best chance to beat the stock of selling. If you do not want to miss your boat, then keep reading this Got Suspended Clients blog and you will find out several useful tips on selling during Q4, and a very big risk that you might face during this sensitive period.

To Be or Not to Be

The first thing that you should take care of in the process of preparing for Q4 is to ensure that you have enough stock in the warehouse. Keep in mind that during the Q4, your sales will see a dramatic boost. Therefore, all you need to do is making sure that your suppliers are able to provide you with the proper quantity of products.

Another crucial part refers to the storage of your goods. As a rule, Amazon’s storage fees see an increase during Q4, and you have to overpay for keeping your goods in Amazon’s warehouses. Of course, you can manage the process of fulfilment by yourself, but doing so will take away the advantage of Amazon Prime, which is something that will definitely come in handy during Q4.


Once you’ve stocked up with goods, your next step should be working on your listings, including keywords, images, and descriptions. However, you should stay away of using other sellers’ images and descriptions, since this is considered to be a copyright infringement which is a direct way to Amazon’s Intellectual property suspension.

Something Old, Something New

Buyers’ requirements are changing day by day. As an Amazon seller, you have to figure out what is popular on Amazon today. Of course, there are several high-demand products, which are popular among the shoppers all the time; however, you have to keep pace with the times by picking new products based on seasonality (which is a bit of a risk). So, you have enough time till October to turn on a Sherlock and figure out what is popular on Amazon today, and what will be popular during Q4. This will help you in choosing the right products.


The Q4 time-frame is a good chance for making a good profit, however it is equally risky. There are two main aspects that you should be careful with: do not source the wrong products in bulk, and avoid any situations involving products going out of stock. Sometimes, most sellers prefer to fulfil the missing orders through brick and mortal stores, or dropshipping, without understanding that this is a perfect storm for their account’s suspension. Once Amazon detects this, your seller account will be deactivated for several reasons. With Got Suspended Clients, you won’t worry about suspensions, since we have huge experience in reinstating suspended accounts. Contact us and we will help you not only in reinstating your seller account, but also educating you in how to run a safe business on Amazon!